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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Ringing Endorsement

A few weeks ago, T Kyle King decided to make it his mission to get Erk Russell elected to the college football hall of fame. I'm happy to report I've recruited a new supporter for him by the name of Jeff Owens.

Owens talked to the media yesterday in the defensive team meeting room, which has an oversized poster of Russell hanging on the wall, complete with the bloody forehead. When discussing turning around the defense for this season, Owens referred to his favorite Georgia quote -- "Tradition never graduates" -- and pointed toward Russell's image.

Owens said he didn't know much about Russell beyond the basic history until he was at a friend's house for Easter dinner a few years ago. His friend's mom ended up popping in some old game footage of Russell on the sideline, and Owens was hooked.

"You get a feel for what he was all about and what he meant to the program," Owens said.

Owens said his current defensive coordinator Willie Martinez isn't the head-butting type, and said Joe Tereshinski is the most Erk-like coach on the staff today.

So, I asked, are you interested in doing some politicking to get Russell elected to the HoF?

"I will," Owens said. "He's a part of Georgia. He's a part of us. He brought the name Junyard Dawgs, so I'm all for it."

So there you have it, Kyle. I expect this will be the rough equivalent to Oprah endorsing Obama.

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