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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Links (6/19)

An old friend of mine from San Diego weaseled his way into a free time share in Orlando this week, so I decided to make the drive down to visit. I hadn't seen him in a while and, while I generally dislike Orlando immensely, free is also my favorite price, so the two balanced out.

Anyway, amid the typical pleasantries and rehashing of stories from back in the day, I learned that my buddy was dating a different girl than the last time I had seen him. Since I'm a nice person and all, I asked a few follow-up questions about what she was like and how they met and what she did for a living. As it turns out, she's a graduate of the University of Florida.

Now, my friend was born and raised in Southern California, and he's not exactly the biggest college football fan to begin with, so it's not really his fault that he's dating a Florida girl. He didn't know any better. But the information did lead to this conversation:

ME: She went to Florida?

HIM: Yup. Why?

ME: Does she wear Jorts?

HIM: What are Jorts?

ME: You know, like jean shorts?

HIM: Oh, yeah, but they're really short so it's OK.

True story.

Anyway, while the trip was a nice excuse to get out of town for a while, it did prevent me from posting any links this week, an oversight we'll remedy now...

-- T Kyle King is making it his mission to get Erk Russell into the hall of fame. That's a significantly nobler goal in life than my mission to drink a beer in all 50 states.

-- This requires an insider subscription, but here's an ESPN preview of Georgia's upcoming season that has the Dawgs ranked No. 16.

-- Senator Blutarsky offers some thoughts on the SEC and, while he's not backing them up with any data, it's hard to argue with any of his conclusions.

-- Here's your daily fix of Lane Kiffin zaniness... Tennessee will be paying two strength coaches this season.

-- I've heard (and partially agree with) the theory that the best asset Florida has had in recruiting over the past few years is the overall lousiness of Miami and Florida State. After reading this post from Marc Weiszer, however, it might be argued that Georgia has been as big a beneficiary of the downswings at those schools as the Gators have.

-- With 78 days left to go before football season, Bubba N Earl relive one of my favorite plays from last season.

-- Much has been made of the grueling first six weeks to Georgia's schedule in 2009, but Battle Hymn Notes takes a look at the latter half of the Dawgs' slate.

-- Georgia's football program is a cash cow to be sure, but what about everyone else? This story might be a big deal, but the truth is, few programs outside of men's basketball and football generate real revenue at any school, and the fact that Georgia hoops stinks is hardly a big secret.

-- Yesterday, I introduced you to Chris Burnette, the lineman. That was timed well with Blogging Pantsless introducing you to Chris Burnette, the blogger.

-- Rex Robinson asks an interesting question: Since 1990, what have been Georgia's best recruiting classes?

-- Remember when people thought Boise State had a legitimate shot at beating Georgia in the '05 season opener? There could be a lot more of those games on the slate for the Broncos in the future.

-- South Carolina's Ryan Succop was the last pick in the NFL draft this year, but that isn't going to stop him from earning some serious cash.

-- A former South Carolina announcer will be the new assistant dean at Georgia's Grady School of Journalism.

-- This is awful news: A fire looks to have caused serious damage at the Georgia Theater in Athens.

-- I know that at one point I promised fewer "Lost" links since the season ended, but darned if I don't keep finding good stuff to link to. This is a fantastic post that wonders what the show would be like as a sitcom.

-- And you're not getting off that easy... "Lost" star (and Georgia native) Josh Holloway chats with Entertainment Weekly.

-- Nope, still more... there's talk that Maggie Grace could return to the show in its final season.

-- I like David Cross quite a bit, but you'd think he could find a better enemy than Jim Belushi. That's like Georgia fans really hating Tennessee Tech. (Although, as a side note, Cross has a great bit about the time he played celebrity poker with the lead singer of Creed that is absolutely hysterical.)

-- Check out the new "Family Guy" app for your iPhone.

-- And finally, Chuck Norris is writing a book of 101 Chuck Norris facts. Unfortunately the average human brain would explode from the awesome implications of reading just one of them.

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atlstew said...

I cant believe the theater is gone. tragic.