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Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Links (6/8)

Happy Monday, folks. I was in Savannah all weekend for the wedding of the Telegraph's Jay Adams. The events were fantastic, and while my belly is a bit heavier and my wallet a little lighter, things were so much fun I couldn't quite tear myself away. So, I'm still hanging out in Tybee for the day, so no posts (other than these quick links) until tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, tomorrow is the Peach State Media Days event in Macon, so I will have some time with Mark Richt then. As with my trip to Destin, if you have some pressing questions you'd like CMR to respond to, just let me know.

And here are a few links to get you through until then...

-- Blutarsky ranks Georgia's home games by ticket price on Stubhub. It comes out about like you'd think (with the exception of one overzealous Kentucky fan). But you should probably spend some time simply perusing the rest of the Senator's posts over the weekend, as he has a veritable feast of Lane Kiffin material.

-- The Sporting News has a Q&A with Mark Richt.

-- Remember when I wrote about Mark Richt and Damon Evans not seeing eye to eye over Georgia's daunting non-conference schedules? Well, now you can read about it at more appealing sites HERE and HERE.

-- Apparently Herschel Walker is planning to try his hand at MMA.

-- Loran Smith writes about Georgia's hometown QB, Zach Mettenberger.

-- 960 the Ref has a great interview up with former Georgia golfer Brian Harman, who after leading the Dawgs to the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament is now trying to qualify for the US Open. Bold

-- Here's a great profile story in the New York Times about a Russian reporter who faces death threats daily. Almost as bad as covering Coach Meyers.

-- Mark Bradley offers his take on the Nate McLouth trade.

-- And finally, a new ABC promo has "Lost" fans wondering if Charlie is still alive.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for great postings and links on two of my favorite things--UGA and LOST!

Anonymous said...

Charlie lives.