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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Links (6/12)

Hey I'm hitting the road once again. I'm going to be in lovely Albany, Ga. for two days, then heading to Orlando to visit some friends, but fear not... I've preposted a bunch of material for next week, so you won't be without new content. That said, I make no promises on prompt replies to comments or emails.

I'm also typing up this links post on Thursday night, so it might not be the freshest content by the time you read it, but the site's free, so who are you to complain, right?

Anyway, here ya go, and have a great weekend...

(One quick note, I talked to Jeff Owens yesterday, and he promises a new blog post very soon.)

-- Damon Evans tells fans to expect more night games for Georgia this season and beyond. And given our deadlines, that should effectively end any reason for you to buy the newspaper.

-- I know, I know, you hate when I link to Bleacher Report. Well, this one probably won't help: BR says Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford will never be seen as true Georgia legends because they never fulfilled their promise.

-- Hey Jenny Slater wonders what the Dawgs will have to do in 2009 in order for fans to be satisfied.

-- Apparently Florida officials aren't too happy with the Orlando Sentinel for tracking all the player arrests during the past four years.

-- Season ticket sales are down a good bit at South Carolina, which seems odd given how cautiously optimistic Steve Spurrier is about his QB.

-- Georgia Sports Blog points out the obvious ridiculousness of the sanctions against Alabama.

-- Gene Chizik is at work in Georgia trying to slice a few holes in any fence Mark Richt has built around the state.

-- If my post earlier today about Lane Kiffin's recruiting strategy didn't fill the void in your heart for making fun of the UT coaching staff, you absolutely must read this hilarious blog post on the top products Kiffin has identified from his latest camp. (h/t CBJ)

-- Lane Kffin's antics can't all be called "self promotion" when ESPN is doing such a good job of helping him promote. I guess this also means that if Carlton Thomas hurdles anyone this season, it'll make "SportsCenter." (h/t Adam G.)

-- The Frankfort Station has a nice profile of Georgia softball star Alisa Goler.

-- I absolutely hate my GPS system, but it's never caused anything nearly this bad to happen to me.

-- If you like mustaches and you're excited for the new "Transformers" movie, you're going to love this T-shirt.

-- I'm not sure how many of my readers are avid nudists, but I feel compelled to make you aware of your chance to be a part of setting the world record for skinny dipping. (Warning: Bare asses come with this link.)

-- This is a very cool way to kill 3 minutes, 20 seconds of your life: Check out this mashup of the 100 best movie lines of all time in 200 seconds.

-- Upon reflection, there were a handful of plot holes that really bothered me about "The Hangover," but I'm choosing to ignore them because the movie was so darned funny. One, however, was that the movie promises the end credits will explain how one character ended up in the emergency room, but in fact, it doesn't. That's not to say that the end credits are not hilarious though. And they inspired this list of the all-time best end credits in movies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. You find some strange web sites. Just saying.
2. What would make fans happy? How about winning, playing good defense, if we have to lose, lose in a competitive game and finally do not occasionally look like you have never played in a football game or do not want to not be on the field. Can you say double negatives?
3. I have to admit you bring more than David C did and he was good.