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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Links (6/22)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent a majority of my Sunday watching two doses of AMC's Bill Murray movie marathon, so it was a pretty successful day. Although, upon further thought, I have to put "Ghostbusters 2" up there among the most absurd movie plots ever, alongside "Weekend at Bernie's 2" and "Roadhouse." I don't know what it says about me that I really enjoy all three.

Anyway, some links...

-- In case you didn't pick up the Telegraph over the weekend (or take the hints on the blog), be sure to check out Doug Stutsman's piece on Demarcus Dobbs' plans for improving his pass rush and my father's day story on Georgia's family man, Marcus Washington, who maintains a part time job on top of his class and football schedule in order to provide for his wife and two children.

-- My post earlier this morning was all about Georgia's desire to get some revenge on Georgia Tech. T Kyle King thinks that's likely to happen.

-- Katharyn Richt is preparing to go back to school to get her nursing degree.

-- The Florida Times-Union has a story on Georgia's recent and "rare" success in recruiting the Jacksonville area.

-- While I spent some time last week taking shots at Bleacher Report's credibility, it's tough to argue with its list of the five Bulldogs with the most to prove in 2009.

-- Cousin Walter gets some good karma for sticking up for two guys few Bulldogs fans would stick up for.

-- Rex Robinson has a good story about a great movie.

-- Fans in Northwest Georgia will get their shot at seeing Mike Bobo this week.

-- Get the Picture picks up on some interesting research done on potential bias in the coaches' poll. Obviously I've never done the math on this, but the findings aren't surprising to me. The coaches' poll is always bias toward teams with the broadest appeal because, quite simply, those are the teams the coaches know the most about. Even Mark Richt, in trying to defend his own vote last month, said he was well informed because, when he couldn't sleep at night after a game, he'd watch highlights of other teams. OK, well I'm sure I'm not alone in noticing "SportsCenter" plays favorites with highlights, and Boise State and Air Force aren't exactly media darlings.

-- The Newnan Times-Herald talks with Georgia softballer Lisaira Daniels, who is still walking on air after her trip to the College World Series.

-- This is from way back on Friday, but Doc Saturday has some interesting thoughts on all those teams (like Florida) that don't exactly endorse tough non-conference scheduling.

-- I saw a headline on the other day that asked if feminism was outdated. About an hour later, a buddy forwarded me the link to this Web site. Sometimes life's just funny like that.

-- Bill Lawrence has an update on the future of "Scrubs," and it's a pretty shocking twist.

-- Kelly Kapowski appears to be the missing link in a full-scale "Saved by the Bell" reunion, and as punishment, they found the worst possible photo of her to go with this story.

-- And finally, people much funnier than I have taken my idea for the paint-by-numbers plan for creating TV shows and run with it. Their show has merit, but here are a few ideas I might have gone with instead: Bronson Pinchot as a psychic bartender who can predict what shots you're about to order called "The Mixologist." CBS presents a show about a crime-solving eye doctor who can relive the final moments of a victim's life by performing Lasik surgery on their corpse. Matt LeBlanc is... "The Optimologist." Or Jon Fabris stars as a quirky, tough-as-nails special teams coach who defies convention and helps strong-legged kickers miraculously boot kickoffs out of bounds. Don't miss a minute of the action in... "The Directionalist."

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BulldogBry said...

Wait a minute........Roadhouse? Absurd plot? Man, I don't even KNOW you anymore.