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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Record 11 Dawgs Drafted

Georgia senior pitcher Will Harvil (32nd round), junior catcher Joey Lewis (41st) and junior pitcher Justin Earls (47th) were selected on the final day of the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft on Thursday, bringing the total number of Bulldogs drafted to a school-record 11.

I'm pretty surprised that Lewis went so late, but the 11 total players is a pretty impressive tally. Here's the rundown of each pick...

Bulldogs in the 2009 MLB Draft
51. Rich Poythress (Seattle Mariners, 2nd Round)
81. Trevor Holder (Washington Nationals, 3rd Round)
202. Dean Weaver (Washington Nationals, 7th Round)
383. Matt Cerione (Seattle Mariners, 13th Round)
506. Jeff Walters (Baltimore Orioles, 17th Round)
771. Michael Demperio (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 25th Round)
787. Alex McRee (Los Angeles Dodgers, 26th Round)
901. Bryce Massanari (Colorado Rockies, 30th Round)
966. Will Harvil (Arizona Diamondbacks, 32nd Round)
1232. Joey Lewis (Kansas City Royals, 41st Round)
1405. Justin Earls (Pittsburgh Pirates, 47th Round)

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