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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Links (10/7)

A few quick links before I head out to listen to Mark Richt answer a dozen or so questions about a.) injuries, b.) the Alabama game and c.) losing to Tennessee the past two years.

-- The AJC's Chip Towers writes about the ugly number of linebacker injuries.

-- Get the Picture has this week's Vegas Rankings, and guess which SEC team isn't in the top 40 -- I'll give you a clue: They just beat No. 24.

-- Get to know a little about cornerback Asher Allen. Ladies, he seems like a real catch.

-- The Red & Black has a story about how Rennie Curran spent his weekend off.

-- Check out No. 1 on Ivan Maisel's list of observations (on the righthand side of the page) and ask yourself why Bobby Petrino keeps getting jobs.

-- The Meat Packers (aka Georgia Sports Blog) takes the time to sum up Georgia's injury woes this season. I had actually meant to compile a similar list last week, but figured it would be too time consuming, which should tell you a lot about how bad things have been for the Bulldogs.

-- GSB also updates Georgia's bowl projections. I've never been to Dallas, so I guess things could be worse than a Cotton Bowl bid.

-- And finally, check out the fightin' words from LSU's Ricky Jean-Francois in the Orlando Sentinel. As if this weekend's matchup with Florida wasn't already interesting enough.

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