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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Links (10/3)

Happy Friday, folks. Just a heads up on what to expect from the blog this weekend -- I'm going to be out of town for a bit, so the updates will be less frequent. There will be a few today, probably two or three Saturday, and likely nothing Sunday unless some major news breaks. You can check out my Georgia content at or over the weekend though.

With that said, here are today's links...

-- The AJC reports Knowshon Moreno will be ready to go for the Tennessee game next week.

-- Northside's Eric Fields, who is deciding between Clemson and Georgia, knows how to provide some bulletin board material.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has some interesting numbers regarding Matthew Stafford and Tim Tebow.

-- Get the Picture has some early thoughts on Tennessee. I'll save my comments for next week.

-- The Banner-Herald's Mark Weiszer blogs about A.J. Green's visit home.

-- Steve Spurrier doesn't exactly sound intimidated by Ole Miss's Greg Hardy.

-- The Red & Black has a story on a UGA tennis import.

-- The Lil Wayne blog at seems to be going well.

-- Speaking of blogs, it's sad we don't still have the Daily Dicky being updated. Nevertheless, I recommend you spruce up your MySpace page with this Dicky Lyons custom background.

-- Since none of you probably care too much about Kansas City sports (and these days, I'm not sure even the people in KC care about them), I'll guess you probably don't read Joe Posnanski often, although you may remember him from his days as a columnist in Augusta.

In any case, he is one of the best writers in the country (I recently read his book on Buck O'Neil and it was fantastic), and he also keeps one heck of an entertaining blog (way better than this one). He recently posted his thoughts on what it's like covering sports when you have to write bad things about guys you really like.

I figured I would post it here for you guys to read, too, as I think it's a very accurate depiction of what the life of a sports writer is like. I know it is easy to throw the media under the bus for being biased, but drawing that line of demarcation between being a good journalist and being a good person is not always an easy one. Hopefully Joe's post gives you a bit better understanding of why that is.

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