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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Links (10/21)

Two more weeks until we don't have to watch any more awful election coverage. I do worry, however, what's going to happen to our already fragile economy when thousands of Republican and Democratic "strategists" are forced from their cushy 37-person split screen interview gigs for CNN and are back on the street looking for real work.Anyway, some links...

-- Rivals Anthony Dascher says Blair Walsh isn't letting his two misses against Vandy get to him.

-- Chip Towers has more on the Brandon Wood saga.

-- The Ledger-Enquirer has five questions with Vince Dooley.

-- DawgSports T. Kyle King would like to see a few more passes go to the tight ends soon. Me, too.

-- According to the Times-Picayune (my favorite newspaper name, by the way), LSU still has some hard feelings about the 2005 SEC championship game.

-- SEC media are predicting a repeat performance for the UGA men's basketball team this year. Um, the regular-season part, not the tournament part.

-- It had been a while since there had been a story about a Vick brother in legal trouble.

-- CFBstats has an interesting note on South Carolina's offense after studying three-and-outs.

-- There won't be any punishment for Crazy Old Lou Holtz for his Hitler reference on Saturday, which Deadspin finds a bit odd. I'm hoping someone at least stole an "Anchorman" line and told the coach to sit the next few plays out.

-- Georgia fans gave Aaron Murray plenty of love after his season-ending injury, according to the AJC.

-- In case you missed it, Tennessee's Eric Berry set the record for interception return yardage over the weekend -- and he's just a sophomore.

-- Forbes offers 10 ways to get more from your workouts. The interesting part of this story is that University of Georgia researchers suggest taking a leisurely stroll to get back in shape. Now that's the type of workout I can get behind.

-- And this, my friends, makes me both as proud and as utterly embarrassed to be from Philly as I've ever been.

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