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Monday, October 13, 2008

Richt on Bowden

In case you were stuck in a cave today and didn't hear the news, Clemson fired Tommy Bowden (much to the great joy of my boss, Daniel Shirley).

Of course, Daniel wasn't the only one happy abou the firing. Clemson QB Cullen Harper was among many who praised the move, basically saying Bowden got what he deserved.

Mark Richt's son plays at Clemson, however, and Richt also coached under Bowden's father, Bobby, at Florida State.

"It's always unfortunate when anyone loses a job whether it's football-related or not," Richt said. "So many people and families are affected with lasting consequences. I think it's obvious what my feelings are for Tommy Bowden. I entrusted him with my son."

1 comment:

brett said...

I thought this would of happened a year or so ago.