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Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Links (10/13)

Monday reading...

-- There's good news and bad news for the Bulldogs.

-- Chattanooga's David Paschall writes that the next three games will define Georgia's season. Poor Mr. Paschall worked really hard to get a quote from Mark Richt for this story, but apparently Richt has been spending too much time with Stacy Searels. His stock response: "We're just worried about going 6-1 next week."

-- ESPN's Chris Low gives Searels plenty of credit , particularly if the Dawgs can overcome this latest injury.

-- I think a lot of people are looking past Georgia's dominant performance and complaining about the final score. The Albany Herald's Paul Dehner says that maybe we should be doing the opposite. (Paul also provides us with this little nugget for today, which is obviously the highlight of my Monday.)

-- The AJC's Tony Barnhart, however, says Georgia won't beat LSU or Florida unless they cut down on the penalties. Yes, there were still too many flags against Tennessee, but the really bad ones -- personal fouls, roughing the passers -- didn't happen, so that's a good sign. Get the Picture tends to agree with me.

-- The AJC wants you to vote on which one-loss teams have the best shot at the title game. Mark my words: There will not be an undefeated team from a BCS conference this year.

-- Mark Bradley touches on a bunch of topics, including Phil Fulmer's (lack of) job security.

-- Marky Mark has no sense of humor .

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