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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Links (10/30)

I never thought I'd be sad to be going to Jacksonville tomorrow, but I'd give just about anything to be in Philly for the victory parade. Alas, my streak of never attending one will continue, but I couldn't be happier for the city of Philadelphia, which definitely deserved something to celebrate. And if you ask me, the difference in this series was simple: Drinkability.

I'm not sure of the exact parade route right now, but I'm guessing they'll start at the art museum, get booed somewhere around Walnut Street just for fun, head up Broad and ring the Liberty Bell, then move down Passyunk where it's Pat's cheesesteaks for everyone. That'd be 1,000 times better than Boston's crappy parade last year.

In any case, there'll be plenty of celebrating around here, too, if Georgia pulls out a win Saturday. Here's a few links to whet your appetite...

-- First off, due to popular demand, I took down the Corvey Irvin post from yesterday. Never say I don't respond to reader feedback.

-- I've also got a story on Reshad Jones' coming out party the past two games.

-- The AJC's Chip Towers writes that Mark Richt isn't planning to change his special teams despite Florida's great return game.

-- I have no doubt you'll hear plenty of "What will Georgia do against Tim Tebow?" talk leading up to the game, but Bleacher Report asks an equally important question: Can Florida stop Matthew Stafford?

-- If Georgia lands this recruit, he will have already endeared himself to UGA fans before he ever plays a down.

-- Although most folks thought Jeff Owens would be back next year, he says he's not so sure. I thought this was pretty under-reported when his injury first happened. Richt was pretty decisive in saying Owens would be back, but Owens never really was.

-- The Miami Herald says momentum and motivation will decide this weekend's game. I can't think of two things less likely to decide the game. You know what will make a difference? Preparation, ability and execution.

-- ESPN's Chris Low says Jeffrey Demps won't be easy to stop this week.

-- Get the Picture lists the key issues facing Georgia this week. I'll have my rundown later today.

-- Watching ESPN right now, and Todd McShay has this to say: Matthew Stafford can't avoid pressure and forces passes. Um, has he watched Stafford play this year? I love what UGA's O line has done this year, but the reason they have only allowed nine sacks is because Stafford has been fantastic at avoiding pressure. Sometimes I wonder if these guys even watch the football games. Of course, they could have just checked out the nice spread on Stafford in the Banner-Herald.

-- The Jacksonville Times-Union says it will be a happy homecoming for Bryan Evans and Shaun Chapas.

-- The Ledger-Enquirer's Guerry Clegg takes a closer look at Urban Crier. BTW, Richt repeatedly called Urban "Coach Meyers" during his Tuesday press conference. I'd think this was a subtle jab aimed at the Florida coach if he hadn't spent the past four years praising "Brandon" Southerland, too.

-- Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel breaks down Mark Richt vs. Urban Meyers numbers-style.

-- Speaking of Philly's victory parade, they got started a litte early. And drunkenly. And a bit violently.



BCS-Sucks said...

Ugh. Bleacher Report. Don't do that. You're better than that, Hale.

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed hearing the Philly faithful booing the Rays and the Commissioner during the trophy presentation. Almost as classy as booing Santa.