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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey, how about a mailbag?

So, it's SEC media days week, which in some quarters marks the unofficial beginning of the football season. And by "some quarters," I mean the people who don't already consider SEC football to be a 365-days-a-year situation.

In any case, it's as good a time as any to throw open the mailbag satchel and solicit your questions. Or perhaps you have thoughts, concerns, or threats. Please, no threats. Anything else is fair game.

Some things you could ask about:

- Follow-up from Georgia's "Dawg Night" haul, the move back to tailback for Richard Samuel, Caleb King's departure, or any other recent news on the beat.

- What to expect this week at media days.

- When the earth cools at the tips, what adverse conditions does this create for non-polar shoals and other outlying areas?

- Who will J-Lo marry next?

- If you could be any kind of tree, would that tree have any thoughts on how many games Mark Richt needs to win this year?

OK folks, fire away. And as always you can post in the comment section below, send me an e-mail ( or tweet at me. I'll post a mailbag sometime Tuesday, assuming we get enough questions. Or thoughts. Or concerns. And hopefully no threats.


clee said...

We've been told that Brent Benedict transferred to VT because of philosophical differences with UGA's strength and conditioning program. However, around this time last year UGA's entire strength and conditioning staff took a field-trip to Blacksburg to observe that school's program and (theoretically) implement those observations into our own. So is there really going to be a noticeable change for young Mr. Benedict, or was this more about a personal disagreement with Coach T?

Paul said...

Does coach Grantham continue to refer to you as Mister Blog Man?

Brandon said...

So, am I crazy or should every Georgia fan be prepared for another awful season? The offensive side of the ball in particular has only one bright spot (Murray) and many unknowns. The rumors around Crowell are not comforting. The defense should be very good, but unless it starts scoring points for us, I think we're in trouble. If the Broncos are laying 13 points or less in the opener, I would take 'em in a heartbeat.

dawgfan53 said...

Two, or maybe three, questions:

Will Samuel have any real impact in the running game? If they had confidence in him as a runner, why did they move him to linebacker in the first place?

Despite the fact I am 57 years old, in my second marriage and ugly, what do you think my chances are with J Lo?

Ginny said...

What do you believe, if you had a guess, will be the outcome of the Jarvis Jones/NCAA situation. I've heard from a few people (bloggers) that it's unlikely he'll miss any games since the offenses were during his USC recruiting and not his UGA recruiting.

riskadvisor said...

I'm trying to understand how someone could get in such an argument about strength and conditioning? Was there disagreement over how many reps or how much weight to put on the bar? What exactly is so serious that it couldn't be worked out?

I know Nathan Theus was brought in to be a long snapper. Any chance he can provide some depth on the line? He wasn't a tiny guy.

Think UGA football could learn a lesson from USA Women's Soccer? When you have an inferior oponent, don't get up and relax. Go for the jugular and put them away. Don't let them hang around.

Did anyone notice how GT has to vacate the 3 games from 2009 where they used an ineligible player? That means they get to vacate a loss to UGA. Is this a punishment or a reward?

King Jericho said...

Since the Richard Samuel move, a lot of people have been up in arms about this being the next Kiante Tripp or Brandon Miller. Do you have any experience from your USC days or can you find any other schools make similar moves of moving players around to assure depth in certain positions more than once?

DawgWood said...

Carlton Thomas suspended! What the hell is going on at the RB position?

Stuart said...

In light of Stanley Williams' recent commitment to UGA, I've long wondered what the allure Georgia has for these smallish backs and receivers who generally don't fit the mold for our pro-style offense. Small, speedy guys such as Carlton Thomas, Prince Miller (recruited as an ATH), Rontavious Wooten, Mikey Henderson, etc. seem to perform better in spread offenses (ie Percy Harvin, Noel Devine, etc.), yet every year UGA seems to add another small, fast athlete who doesn't contribute much more than a few punt returns (although Mikey should always be remembered for his OT TD catch against Bama). If Bobo called more plays that got these guys open in space I'd be more inclined to understand why we recruit them, but he doesn't and the recruits aren't able to utilize their talents. Rant aside, do you have any insight as to why we go after these guys, and why they keep coming?

UGAflyer said...

How's Munson?

hosayf said...

If you crossed the International Date Line on your birthday would you still get presents?

Pl0we said...

1) Do you know more in depth what Terenshinski is doing differently from Van Halanger?

2) Have you been to Bourbon Street or Power Hour yet?

meansonny said...

Will Hamilton be playing any corner against certain offenses (ie. Georgia Tech or rushing offenses dependent on getting to the edge)

What date does spring practice begin?

What starting position appears to be most up for grabs right now.

Since we're nearing the end of summer... any players get noticed for work ethic, attitude, effort?

Doug said...

Can you explain what Jarvis Jones and the city staffers from Columbus did? Was he and his mom flying back and forth for AAU games?

When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?