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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DE Derrick Lott goes to hospital after scooter accident (updated)

Georgia defensive end Derrick Lott was involved in a scooter accident on Tuesday, leading to surgery on his lower right leg. The redshirt sophomore is expected to make a full recovery within four-to-six weeks, according to the team.

A spokesman for St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens said Wednesday morning that Lott was still at the hospital and was listed in “fair” condition.

Lott suffered a laceration to his right leg, according to a UGA police accident report.

“The driver was parking his scooter and he scrapped the side of the building and his leg. Not a real dramatic incident,” said Lt. Eric Dellinger of the UGA police department.

Dellinger added that “there was no indication that there was any impairment or anything of that matter.” There were no charges filed.

I’ll update this space when we hear something from UGA, which was waiting to see what it could say based on HIPPA regulations.

UGA football practice begins in a little under three weeks. Lott is expected to back up Abry Jones at one defensive end position.

Here's the full release from UGA:

ATHENS - University of Georgia redshirt sophomore defensive end Derrick Lott of Kennesaw suffered a lower right leg injury Tuesday in a scooter accident in the parking area of the Butts-Mehre Building.

No other vehicles were involved. A surgery repair was performed at St. Mary¹s Hospital by Dr. David Sailors. UGA Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson said full recovery is estimated at 4-6 weeks.


csaga said...

Barely sounds serious enough to be news worthy.

ben said...

Sorry, but being out 4 to 6 weeks is serious enough to be news worthy. If it turns out he doesn't miss any practice or weight training, then I'll grant you that.

I think we need to add an addendum to our scholarship offers that says...'You WILL NOT ride an F'ing scooter whilst enrolled at the University of Georgia.

Reverend Whitewall said...

ben, you got that right. Jason Kirk just posted over on SB Nation - Atlanta that Richt needs to start running around campus with a rickshaw..........and I'm only partially sure that he was joking!

j.leonardjr said...

The ACCPD must be off its game this year. How could they not find something to book Lott on? Are they sure he wasn't emerging from an alley before he hit that building? That damage to the structure surely could viewed as vandalism couldn't it?

ben said...

Would he call it the RICHTshaw?

har har

David Davis said...


Maybe you should start a blog, so you can write everything you believe to be news worthy. News seems to be slow, so personally, I appreciate any and all news UGA related.

Thanks Seth.

Paul said...

Somehow, it surprises me that Georgia players are even allowed to ride scooters at this point. Haven't we had enough scooter related incidents?