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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Caleb King speaks (sort of)

Former Georgia tailback Caleb King has confirmed that he will enter the NFL's supplemental draft. Here's a full statement, released through UGA on Tuesday:

"My years at the University of Georgia have afforded me a tremendous opportunity to develop my skills on the field. Coach Mark Richt and the entire UGA football team and staff have been instrumental in my growth and development both on and off the gridiron. I have learned countless lessons that continue to mold me into a better individual and player. While I will miss my Bulldog family, I will continue to put my situation and future career in God's hands. I look forward to pursuing an opportunity at the next level through the NFL's supplemental draft and playing the game that I have loved since I was a young boy."

King's chances at being picked in the draft, which is supposed to be sometime this month, may not be great. But he wants to continue to play football, and transferring to a non-FBS school to play one year wasn't attractive to him, especially considering his academic situation.


Ive Got An Itch said...

Football is all Caleb's got. He sure can't count on employment anywhere based on his classroom failures and illiterate tweets.

csaga said...

Poor dude. I really wish him the best, but I have to agree with Ive Got An Itch. Unfortunately, I just don't think he's smart enough to land himself in the NFL.

Joe Attaway said...

If you can't land the starting tailback job at GA I think it is a stretch to believe you will be taken in a supplemental draft.