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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Jarvis Jones update

Here's a link to the latest on the Jarvis Jones situation. The Ledger-Enquirer has a story detailing how the police records seem to show more of a money connection between Jones and the Georgia Blazers AAU team.

The coach of that team, Tony Adams, has been described by people close to Jones as a father figure. In addition to the payments reported in the original report, the Ledger-Enquirer found two more, totaling $700.

As the story says: "A crux of the investigation involving Jones is the nature of his pre-existing relationship with Adams." So I'm not sure this story, while it definitely adds important details, changes the facts on the ground very much.

Based on what is publicly known ... and allow me to emphasize that again ... BASED ON WHAT IS PUBLICLY KNOWN, I think we're left with this right now:

- Will UGA's internal investigation, set to wrap up within days, determine that Jones and Adams had a long-standing pre-existing relationship? And would the NCAA agree?

- If so, the question then becomes whether the fund from which the payments came are a problem, at least from the NCAA's point of view. Will it be determined that Adams controlled the fund, which would then help Jones' side argue that this was merely a father figure passing along some money? Or will the fund be found to be something different?

We simply don't know for certainty the answer to either of these questions. So drawing any conclusions at this point, and opining on whether or not Jones will face a suspension, is not something I'm ready to do.


Stuart said...

I could see this going either way, but me thinks it won't end up the way we fans would like. Something just seems way too sketch.

JT said...

Yeah I have a couple of questions;
Why is Chris White going after two athletes from UGA? Surely there are other athletes who played for the Blazers playing college ball.
Chris White paints a picture that JJ was knowingly taking money and benefits from Adams w/NO prior relationship.
Lastly why did the Columbus Ledger Enquirer not notify UGA prior to breaking this story? What is the motivation of Chris White?
Could it be he is a Florida Grad? w/ties to the Gators currently.

I don't see how JJ knew about Tony Adams slush fund. JJ had known Adams since he was 10 years old. Chris White suggest he did. His articles smack of yellow journalism.

I know blog will defend your "fellow" reporter.

Jake said...

Reading Chris White write investigative articles is like watching a little kid play cops and robbers. He wants to badly to be a grown up guy writing articles for a grown up paper... but he's just not. Am I reacting like this because he's targeting a UGA player? Absolutely. But is Chris writing these articles simply to make the paper more money in hopes of furthering his own career? Absolutely. If it ever gets to the point when my career hinges on my ability to investigate 22 year olds from Columbus, Georgia... please point that out so I can immediately reevaluate my life. No offense, Seth, but some of you media folks need to remember your place in this world. I love reading your blog... but keep yourself grounded. You cover a football team...

Jake said...

And I've said this before... you guys don't work for non-profits. You are all doing this for money (please see the advertisements on your blog). You love to let people believe that you do this out of the kindness in your heart. Actually, I think you go as far as to convey that sentiment. But you don't. You're trying to pay your bills and make a buck. I don't blame you - that's what 90% of us are doing. But call it like it is... you're trying to make money. This isn't charity work. Oh... and you make your money off of 19-23 year old kids. Like a hybrid between a pimp and a pedophile. Congratulations.

Bulldawg said...

Just wow. What a classless guy this Chris White is. This is nothing more than a Gaytor going after a Dawg.