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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Links (2/16)

No witty banter or discussions of "Lost" today... just straight to the links...

-- Tyler Estep wrote a story for The Telegraph over the weekend on the upcoming battle for the starting quarterback job and what Aaron Murray's role in that competition will be.

-- Tim Tucker has quotes from Murray on the QB race, too. My only complaint...

"We have an unbelievable offense for next season. You look at the offensive line; we have, like, seven or eight [players with starting experience]. The skill positions are unbelievable. It’s not going to be all on your shoulders. We have a great running game, two great young running backs. With that offensive line, we should put up some great numbers on the running game. So I really don’t feel that whoever wins the [QB] job is going to really have that much pressure on them because it’s a balanced attack."

Um... isn't this almost word-for-word what we heard last year, and then the O line didn't live up to expectations and the entire offense was put on the shoulders of Joe Cox for much of the season?

I'm not saying Murray is wrong, but I am saying I'm taking a much more cautious approach to those sentiments this time around.

-- Our man Tim also has quotes coming from Zach Mettenberger and from Logan Gray on the QB chase.

A lot of people have asked about how seriously Logan should be taken as a potential starting QB in 2010. I'm honestly not sure what the coaches are thinking right now, but all the "will he, won't he" stuff about the potential position change and continued talk from Mark Richt that Gray "might try both" during spring leads me to believe this is still very much Aaron Murray's job to lose.

-- Georgia picked up its third commitment for 2011 yesterday.

-- Patrick Garbin runs down his list of the top five Bulldogs who need to step up their game in 2010 in order for Georgia to be successful. Tough to argue with the list, though I'd say there are probably a few names Garbin had trouble leaving off, too.

-- Bleacher Report sees big things ahead for Rantavious Wooten this season.

-- The AJC has some old video footage up, including a brilliant dunk by Travis Leslie... from high school.

-- Georgia Sports Blog looks to the future and sees a recruit who could be the next Travis Leslie.

-- Chance Veazey is being honored at the state capitol tomorrow.

-- Bulldog in Exile shakes his head in disbelief that anyone would want to make Herschel Walker angry before a fight.

-- So Nick Saban has more Facebook friends than God. Remember, things started going downhill for Homer's barbershop quartet after they named their second album, "Bigger Than Jesus."

-- I missed this over the weekend, but The Dawg's View has yet another ridiculous wrinkle in the proposed new "tougher" rules regarding taunting.

-- The Telegraph's Ed Grisamore has a great piece on UGA grad Ernie Johnson -- now the anchor of TNT's NBA coverage (alongside Rodney Garner's cousin, Mr. Charles Barkley).

(Side note: I'm completely creeped out by the Charles Barkley rapping Taco Bell commercial for some reason. It just makes me uncomfortable watching it.)

-- Minnesota Twins releif pitcher Pat Neshek received the worst bit of fan mail an athlete can get, short of having it come from a stalker.

-- Am I the only one who has noticed ESPN is giving the Winter Olympics essentially the same coverage as it gives hockey? Perhaps this quiz puts the decision into perspective: IKEA product or Swedish Olympian? (h/t Grit Tree)

-- Conan O'Brien enjoys the Al Gore method of coping with defeat... i.e., growing a ridiculous beard.

-- Kevin from "Top Chef" is planning to open up a barbecue restaurant in Atlanta. Can't wait!

-- This blog counts down the best slacker duos in movie history. Is it bad that I own the vast majority of these movies on DVD?

-- HBO has brought in the director of "The Hurt Locker" to create a new pilot . I loved the film, so I'm intrigued.

Oh, and if you're looking for movie recommendations (other than "The Hurt Locker," which if you haven't seen, you really, really should... check out "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell.)

-- And finally, I just wanted to say thanks to Bernie, Grit Tree, Dawg Sports, CNati and the many others of you who provided far too many kind words over the past few days. I feel like I got the Drew Brees treatment without winning a Super Bowl (and, you know, without Oprah trying to rub a birthmark off my face), but it is nevertheless very appreciated. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations David! If and when you move on from the UGA beat,it will be a sad day for those of us who read & bleed the Red and Black.

Your blog is a must read for my day and I look forward to all of your links.

Also, I am a huge Kevin Gillespie fan too and can't wait for the bbq restaurant.

Kathleen said...

I'd like to know what the new NCAA regulations are trying to kill?

Were there a ton of on-field fights that happened as a result of smiling on the way to the endzone?

Did someone get hurt or score unfairly because of a hug or two from a teammate? It seems like the only unfair results that were caused were the outcomes of bad calls that were made with the new subjective allowances we had this year already.... and next year, more of them...

opsomath said...

As the Drive-By Truckers have it,

"Don't call what you're wearing an outfit...Don't say that you're bigger than Jesus - don't give it away."

brad said...

The Charlie Barkley commercials are Burger Kingesque, like when they had Darius Rucker singing in some bizarro world. But I can't. Turn. Away.

Anonymous said...

If you let the AJC page on Leslie's Dunk roll through a few more slams, you'll see Brandon Boykin do some damage.

Anonymous said...

(((LOL))) that poor Joe Cox was so put upon by UGA's offense. The main problem I saw was that Joe cox was not a 1/10 as good as Mark Richt and all the team said he was.

David Hale said...

Anon, I think a.) you're dead set on bashing Joe, so I'm not going to bother trying to change your mind, but b.) you're reading my comment the wrong way. The fact of the matter is that Joe WASN'T as good as advertised, but the offensive game plan through much of the year continued to rest on his shoulders as if he WAS that good. He functioned best in a game like Tech when the running game carried the load and he was there to make a few throws when he had to.

Carter said...

In a best case scenario, Joe Cox woulda been a homeless man's Trent Dilfer.

Anonymous said...

David, I agree, it's time to wait and see what happens regarding the offense. We did hear the same last year. Only difference this year is more of the OL got playing time, Orson Charles, AJ, Wooten and King got more time AND.....the big difference is we had no proven RBs. We do now. This team tough to stop.

Billy Barou said...

While Murray's comments might be somewhat similar to Cox's last year there are two big differences. First, the running game is much MUCH more proven at this point than it was a year ago. I don't know how many yards our runningbacks had heading into last season but I'd be willing to bet it was less than Caleb and Washaun racked up in the Georgia Tech game alone! Secondly, though the O-Line certainly was a disappointment during the first half of the season in particular, lets not forget that we lost arguably our best lineman, at certainly the most important position on the line, the first game of the season. We're at the point now where I am confident in the line even without Sturdivant (and with him, I think we'll be dynamite).