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Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Quote, Bad Quote: Pre-Spring Edition

We got to pepper Georgia's players with a lot of questions yesterday, and to prove they weren't anywhere close to midseason form when it comes to dealing with the media, we actually got a few good, candid answers. They'll be sick of us soon enough, though, no doubt.

Of course, mixed with the great quotes were a few not-so-great ones, too. So, let's trot out the first edition of our new feature at Bulldogs Blog… Good Quote, Bad Quote.


“I was talking to Coach (Mark) Richt about being All-American. I believe that if I would have stayed healthy last year, I would have easily gotten that. So that’s my goal is just to be an All-American.”

That's from A.J. Green, the only guy I know who can use the phrase "Just an All-American" and I wouldn't suggest he might be underselling the accomplishment.


I asked A.J. what it's been like for him that, entering his third year at UGA, he'll now be playing with his third different quarterback. He said it was definitely a bit odd, particularly since he played with the same QB all through high school. So my follow-up question, of course, was this: "So, does that mean you'll definitely be sticking around for your senior year so you can play with the same QB twice?"

Sadly, there was no such commitment coming from the star wide out: “I don’t know, man," Green said. "Whatever happens.”

I think we all have a pretty good feel for what might happen.


“Tell Darick ‘pretty boy’ Rogers he doesn’t have to know me but I bet he will feel me!! Lol”


“I compete against the best receiver in the nation everyday at practice. Why should i worry about that guy.”

Both of those quotes came from Bacarri Rambo's Twitter page in the days following Da'Rick Rogers' last-minute departure from his commitment to UGA and his eventual decision to head to Tennessee instead. Funny stuff, and we all love a little trash talk, right?

Of course, that leads us to...


“I wasn’t really directly talking to him. I was just shocked that you would say you were going to one school and then change your mind at the last (minute). It wasn’t directed to him. It was directed to no one. I was just confused and curious as to why they would do things like that. But if he wanted to think it was him, I can’t stop him from thinking that, so it’s whatever.”

That's Rambo on his explanation of the war of words with Rogers. Hey, I'm all for trying to throw some water on the fire now, Bacarri, but it's hard to say you didn't direct your comments at a guy when you used his name. Of course, I guess when you hit like Rambo does, who's gonna argue with him?


Kris Durham was on hand for interviews, all dressed up in khakis and a button-down shirt. The reason for the nice duds? Well, he said he got dressed up for us, which we of course appreciated, but in fact it's because he has been student teaching at Oconee County Middle School.

Anyway, Durham said he's had the occasional behavior problems with his students, so I asked if he ever threatened to send Bacarri Rambo after them to get them to behave.

“No," Durham said, "I don’t have him using his Twitter page very much.”



Tell me if you remember hearing this before…

“I believe we’re working harder than last year. Last year, we had a lot of leaders and we thought things were just going to be handed to us and didn’t work as hard as we should, I thought at least. This year, we’re working hard.”

That's not from Joe Cox or Rennie Curran or any of the guys who spoke on the subject last offseason. That's from A.J. Green yesterday.

Sorry, A.J. I'm just not buying in this year.


“From what they said the other day, they gave more A’s than they’ve given in a long time. The guys are really going to work, just really trying hard to impress the coaches and trying to get better. You can tell everybody’s excited around here, especially the defensive guys. We’re ready to go to where I feel Coach (Todd) Grantham and the defensive staff will just let us play and let us have fun out there."

Now, I'm definitely going to be a bit more skeptical of the hard work and leadership quotes this offseason, but I gotta say, this quote from Marcus Dowtin is pretty encouraging.

While I'm sure every offseason is The Best Offseason Ever, I think there probably is a good bit of truth to what Dowtin said. In fact, it was obvious just from talking to the defensive players how enthusiastic and excited they are about the new regime and the new scheme.

In fact, here's one last quote I think every UGA fan will be excited about, courtesy of Mr. Rambo...


“It’s a whole lot different, especially with the footwork that Coach (Scott) Lakatos is teaching us," Rambo said of working with his new defensive backs coach. "Most of the people in the NFL run the same thing as Coach Lakatos is teaching us. It’s a whole different footwork thing from Coach Martinez.”

And not to bash Willie Martinez, but here's how Branden Smith discussed learning that new footwork:

“Backpedaling, coming out of the breaks, turning – those are different," Smith said. "The footwork that Coach Lakatos is teaching us right now, I’ve done it in high school, so it’s nothing new and it’s easier to learn.”

I can only assume if it was good enough for the five-star player in high school, and it's good enough for the pros in the NFL, it's going to be a nice addition to the secondary at UGA.


Anonymous said...

Why do i get the feeling AJ Green is not that happy at UGA?

Cojones said...

He isn't unhappy with UGA. He isn't committing ahead of time to return his senior year. Of course! He will probably go high in the draft next year and not return for his senior year. He is being truthful and not leading us on because he knows we want him to return.

Anonymous said...

When you get players like AJ, Moreno, Staford, etc., you've got to accept 3 and hope for 4 years.

Schlagdawg said...

Hey David, I think Rambo was responding to his original Facebook status when he said his 'bad quote':
"[it] is messed up how all of UGA high school commitments back out on us but I’m telling you now that when I catch you on the field I’m going to knock fire from you.”

So technically less directed at Rogers, although Rogers took it personally and tweeted back "Who is Baccari Rambo?" and the war of words began.

Kathleen said...

I think AJ might be disappointed because of his injuries and the games he's missed, but not disappointed with Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Ealey just updated that he will be wearing #3 next season.

Trey said...

David, do you plan on continuing to the start of the season with a "I'm not buying it" opinion on everything? One thing I love about your blog and material through the last year or so is that you have always done a great job of reporting and not opionionating (sp?). Its pretty easy to get a strong feel of your doubt coming through everything regarding football. Just my opinion, ill still continue to read every day.

David Hale said...

No, that's not the case, Trey. As I said regarding Dowtin's quote, I really believe there is a great deal of excitement about the new direction on D. I just don't buy the "last year we slacked off but this year we're really working a lot harder" stuff because that's EXACTLY what they said last year.

I think there is definitely a great attitude this spring, but I'm just not going to get caught up in the idea that the leadership is so much better or last year's players somehow failed the team, because that's essentially what was said about Stafford and Knowshon, and you saw the results on the field last year.

So... I guess you are right in that I'm stating my opinion a bit, but I'm trying to lend some perspective to the quotes rather than simply letting them stand on their own. I think I'd be doing a disservice to let fans read a quote like that by AJ without adding some context.

Dawgfan17 said...

Wait, defensive players were talking about a coach teaching them fundamentals? Who cares what else they say all off season, if they keep talking about learning techniques and fundamentals I will continue to be excited about what the D can do.

Anonymous said...

One thing I really LIKE about this blog is that DH gives his opinions on things. Keep the opinions coming!

Anonymous said...

I like the insertion of opinions. We can read all the quotes in the AJC and never feel the mood. DH not only gets the quotes but the energy behind them.

Carter said...


I forgot to mention it until I read your last comment, but Denver coach Josh McDaniels said Knowshon had the best leadership characteristics of any young RB he had ever been around. Furthermore, I think Stafford coming back into the Cleveland game to throw the winning TD w/ a separated shoulder says all you need to know about his capacity to lead.

Great stuff today, Dave. Be careful if "Bad Quote" is a reoccurring feature; more folks might start giving you the Searles treatment. Anyway I'm off to warm up with some brown liquor. Huzzah!

Trey said...

Thanks for the reply David, will continue to read the blog ever day.