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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Links (2/22)

Happy Monday, folks. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. I spent the majority of mine doing virtually nothing, which was a delightful change of pace. I did re-watch all of Season 1 of "The Wire" though, so I feel like I accomplished something.

Anyway, I'm working on a few things for later this week, so let's just get straight to the links...

-- T Kyle King wraps up the weekend's basketball action in which Georgia remained solid at home with an impressive come-from-behind win over Alabama.

-- Meanwhile, Georgia Sports Blog digs up some stats that should prove pretty encouraging to fans who've spent way too much time watching bad fundamental basketball the past few years.

-- Hey, it's the middle of the offseason and new news isn't exactly plentiful, so I'm a big fan of this concept at Uga8, where they're going to do a little back-and-forth on some prime bar room topics related to UGA. First up: Matthew Stafford vs. David Greene.

-- I missed this when The Anti-Orange Page posted it a few weeks ago, but thanks to Leather Helmet Blog for pointing it out now... it's a fantastic tribute to Erk Russell.

-- An offensive lineman has become Georgia's fourth commitment for the 2011 class.

-- A Bulldog in Exile has a few final thoughts about how things unfolded on signing day 2010.

-- Battle Hymn Notes jumps charges up their flux capacitor and looks into the future to find out how the careers of several members of the 2010 class will pan out.

-- Bleacher Report spends some time talking about the upside of a player I mentioned in this morning's post.

-- Marc Weiszer has a bunch of interesting tidbits in his latest blog, but my favorite is this:

"Noticed that Idaho State head football coach John Zamberlin, who brings his FCS team to Sanford Stadium Nov. 6 to play Georgia, got a contract extension through 2012. He’s making $104,000 annually, according to the Associated Press. Georgia’s lowest paid assistant, running backs coach Bryan McClendon, makes only $14,000 less."

-- Roger Clarkson catches up with Gordon Beckham, who talks about what his first season in the big leagues was like.

-- Meanwhile, the current crop of Diamond Dawgs split four games over the weekend.

-- UGA's women took first place at the SEC swimming and diving championships this weekend.

-- I don't know how many lacrosse fans we have reading this blog, but I figured I'd point you in the direction of a new blog covering the sport at UGA -- where it's currently a club sport -- if you're interested. I didn't even realize Georgia had LaX -- club or otherwise -- but I'll definitely make my way over for a game in the not-too-distant future.

-- Matt Hayes comes up with his list of this year's top five quarterbacks in the country and puts an SEC entry at the top. But here's my not-so-bold prediction: While there's a decent chance Ryan Mallett throws for the most yards in the conference in 2010, I'm going to be he won't be the league's best QB.

-- And if you're still hoping to get an autograph from Tim Tebow... well you're gonna need to start reaching for your wallet. So, to recap: If you want your kid circumcised in Bolivia, that's free. If you want a photo autographed in Jacksonville, that's $160.

--Beyond the Box Score looks at which MLB teams have spent the most on injured players since 2002. You may not be surprised to learn that the Braves don't fare too well. What's absurd, however, is that in those eight seasons, a total of $2.9 billion was spent on players on the disabled list.

-- Well, it's finally (and inevitably) happened: A Twitter feed has been made into a TV show.

-- This is a crazy story about the disappearance of the actor who played Boner on "Growing Pains."

-- And more problems for another former child star.

-- breaks "Lost" fans down into five distinct categories. Surprisingly, none of the categories are, "Guy with sports blog who continues to annoy his readers by mentioning Lost."

-- Here's a strong business model: Your product is becoming obsolete, so in order to fulfill a vindictive grudge, you make your product even worse. Cha-ching!

-- And finally, a new report says that 27 percent of women let their husbands make all the TV watching decisions. The key, I think, is having remotes so complicated that it's easier to just watch what we want to watch than to learn how to use the remote.


Anonymous said...


Don't sweat people giving you a hard time with your blog and Lost topics. I like reading them. Only a handful of shows left and I still don't know what is going on.

Schlagdawg said...

The people at actually did come up with your category when researching for their article, but they threw it out because it was 'too preposterous'...

Elvis Skinner said...

Why would anyone complain about Lost?

"I'm so sick of these TV shows that are NOT following a 10 year-old formula or have been written for the 10 year -old's I.Q."

Carter said...

My prayers are with Boner. Does anyone else remember that very special episode of Growing Pains where Mike, Boner and Mike's friend with the mullet went to that party with tons of hot chicks doing coke in a hot tub?

I've seen today that Tebow is frantically reworking his lollypop throwing motion and has opted out of throwing at the combine. This begs the question of what Tebow will be doing 2 or 3 decades from now. My most likely picks are a) televangelist, b) Ford dealership impresario of north & central Florida, or c) Governor of Florida.

Kathleen said...

I will speak out for those of us who are sick of Lost... BUT I will say that it's ultimately something you should keep up because it makes you seem human and fallible like the rest of us. Otherwise the blog would be *too* good...


Tommy said...


Thanks for posting the link to the Lacrosse Blog. I played for the Lax Dawgs in the mid-90s (the team goes back quite a ways, I think, to the '60s). Being a club sport, they don't get the coverage they deserve, in spite of a long history of SELC dominance.

As a native of lacrosse country, you definitely owe it to yourself to catch a few games this spring.

Cojones said...

David, I sincerely hope that my mentioning the Lost Series was not taken negatively. I overtly decide early in a program whether I want to get "hooked" or not. People that I know who watch the program love it and I don't mind one bit that you mention it. I had hoped to convey my admiration of your independence and how that in itself is a virtue making your writings a must read for me ( unlike the AJC writers who are mindful of a puppet show).

I was just pulling what's left of your Yankee d---. Sorry. Did you practice your Southernese phrase I gave you?

Anonymous said...

Cool to see another Wire fan. I truly believe The Wire is the best television ever produced. Poor Wallace. That was utterly gut-wrenching, wasn't it? I'm looking forward to David Simon's new show based in New Orleans. Hope it's comparable to The Wire. Anyway, love your site and your analysis of Georgia. I look at it all the time. You do a great job.
Zach Mitcham
The Madison County Journal

Bourbon Dawgwalker said...

"You may not be surprised to learn that the Braves don't fare too well." MIKE HAMPTON MIKE HAMPTON MIKE HAMPTON

David Hale said...

I don't mind the anti-Lost comments... I can understand why the show seems absurd to people who don't watch.

And I'm working on the Southernese, Cojones. I just can't seem to acquire a taste for grits though.

Anonymous said...

RIP Boner

Jeffrey said...

I just finished re-watching Season 1 as well--I actually thought it was better the second time when you can see the characters and relationships develop.

Did you read Sepinwall's veteran blog as you watched? (excellent stuff)

Like the Lost commentary, even though I think watching The Wire really accentuates how stupiid Lost is.