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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Signing Day Live Blog

Welcome to our signing day live blog, where we'll be updating you all day on the newest group of Bulldogs.

It's 7:50 and we already have three names inked for UGA -- defensive end Brandon Burrows, linebacker Demetre Baker and wide receiver Michael Bennett. All are three-star guys who have been committed for a while now.

I'm heading over to Butts-Mehre in a few, but space is limited there with the construction and the wireless is always a bit spotty, so we'll see how this goes.

You can also keep up with all the latest in the following places...

-- Local stuff for Macon and Columbus can be found at and

-- The AJC has recruiting updates all day coutesy of Chip Towers... and it's free

-- has its signing list being updated automatically plus other updates

-- And, of course, ESPN, Scout and Rivals have their usual recruiting coverage

Mark Richt and Georgia's other coaches will be speaking this afternoon (starting around 1:30) and I'm hoping to have plenty of other updates as well.

The plan, tentatively, is to keep this blog going all the way through tonight's UGA-Arkansas basketball... but we'll see how much coffee I'm able to consume.

Back with more shortly.

8:02 AM-- In addition to the signing day stuff and tonight's hoops game, UGA's athletics association also has a quarterly meeting today in which discussions will be had to expand Sanford Stadium and revamp Stegeman. Nothing like making sure a busy day gets even busier.

8:05 AM -- Tech gets LOI from running back Tony Zenon. He's an interesting story. He was from New Orleans and was evacuated after Katrina, landing in my former stomping grounds of Albany, Ga. I can clearly remember his coach at Deerfield-Windsor telling me before Zenon had ever played a game that he would become a star.

-- TJ Stripling is also the latest name in for Georgia. It'll be interesting to see how he's deployed in Todd Grantham's system. He's a four-star defensive end/linebacker who, at 6-6, 215 has some potential to fill out and be awfully good.

8:24 AM -- A good note, Kenarious Gates' LOI is now in. Bad news -- Georgia will be missing out on Jordan Akins.

Akins, a 6-3 wide receiver out of Union Grove, had a lot of buzz surround him late, but he has chosen Central Florida over UGA. That one hurts.

Combined with Da'Rick Rogers likely decision to head to Tennessee and Christian Green's late decision to head to Florida State over Georgia, and that wide receiver corps in Athens isn't going to be anywhere near as dangerous as it might have been.

And in a time when good news was much needed at UGA, having a Georgia kid choose to go to UCF instead of UGA hardly qualifies.

8:45 -- Over at Butts-Mehre and just finished listening in on Todd Grantham's interview with I wouldn't exactly call it riveting dialogue -- he wasn't asked any questions about specific signees -- but he did talk a little about T.J. Stripling's body type.

Grantham said his goal was to recruit five or six players per year that are similar to Stripling -- i.e. 6-6 range and around 215 or 220. "If you get four or five of those guys, two or three will become outside linebackers and two or three may gain some weight and get their hand in the dirt (as a D end)." Basically the idea is to recruit the frame and then see which ones fill out.

BTW, we're expecting a letter from Ogletree in the near future.

9:00 AM -- After a brief stint without Internet access, things seem to be rolling again thanks to the fine work of the UGA SID staff.

Had a reader ask about the crowd at Butts-Mehre...

I'd say there are probably about 30 people here, which is definitely down a bit from last year.

On the downside, there's really not much to do. Grantham was out talking to, but the fans really couldn't hear him, and they didn't set up speakers to broadcast the interview.

On the upside, there's free coffee. So that's nice.

9:05 AM -- Another name to the list of signatures on the bottom line... defensive back Marc Deas has officially turned in his LOI.

9:06 AM -- And add quarterback Hutson Mason to the list of official signees, too. No surprise there. Hutson has done his best to try to hold this class together... which apparently was no easy task.

9:11 AM -- Here's a photo of the "crowd"...

9:30 AM -- Fun times with no Internet... I just left Butts-Mehre and headed back home so I could post some stuff. My guess is I'll be doing this all day.

9:35 AM -- Make sure you're following me on Twitter, too. I'll be updating there during what will no doubt be frequent bouts without Internet. But at least no one had to shell out money for me to use a wireless card to do my job. So that's a relief.

-- Both Ogletree brothers are official, and we're awaiting word from Mike Thornton any minute.

9:37 AM -- Jalen Fields, who was the first commitment of the 2010 class, is now official. That brings Georgia's list to 12 so far. Here are the names: Fields, Alec Ogletree, Zander Ogletree, Hutson Mason, Marc Deas, Kenarious Gates, TJ Stripling, Demetre Baker, Brandon Burrows and Michael Bennett today along with early enrollees Jakar Hamilton and Kolton Houston.

9:39 AM -- Brett Favre's nephew officially signs with Mississippi State. Wonder if Dan Mullen will get a few more games on ESPN now.

9:42 AM -- Add one more for UGA... running back Ken Malcolme. I think he'll be an interesting guy to watch this fall. If he ends up being the only RB Georgia signs -- and it sure looks that way -- what do you think that means for Richard Samuel? That's info we might be getting from Richt today.

9:45 AM -- Just an FYI... I haven't had a single cup of coffee today. We're out at home (and I have no idea how that happened!) and I didn't have time to get any over at Butts-Mehre. There's a decent chance that I'll simply pass out from exhaustion by noon.

9:47 AM -- Obviously a lot will be made of Da'Rick Rogers defection and Akins turning the Dawgs down. I've heard plenty on both sides now, from the "What the heck is going on at UGA! We're doomed!" folks to the "Eh, it's no big deal. We still have a good stable of receivers" folks.

I'm not saying losing out on either is the end of the world, but the Rogers defection is a big deal. The kid isn't guaranteed to be a stud, but he is a 5-star receiver who could have stepped in nicely should A.J. Green depart after his junior season. Plus, you lose him to a rival SEC East school with a brand new head coach and no real idea who its QB is going to be in 2010. It's bad on the field and it's bad in terms of PR.

But... it isn't the end of the world either.

9:50 AM -- Finally some good news for UGA fans. Mike Thornton has chosen Georgia. The big defensive tackle from Stephenson was pretty much a must-have at this point to solidify the Dawgs' class. He has a chance to fill that nose tackle role quite well down the line.

9:57 AM -- It's official... Da'Rick Rogers is headed to Tennessee.

9:59 AM -- Derek Owens, the 5-9 defensive back out of Jacksonville, has turned in his LOI, giving Georgia 14 official signees.

10:02 AM -- By my count, we're waiting on LOI's to make things official for Thornton, Brent Benedict, Dexter Morant and Garrison Smith. No reason to worry on any of them though.

10:04 AM -- Good point from reader named Pete: "we got by with only 5 scholarship WR this year, and that was with AJ being hurt the last 1/3 of the season."

10:05 AM -- And a good note from our pal T Kyle King: "would like to make it clear that today is National Signing Day, not National Singing Day. If you're a high school senior, please sign your letter of intent declaring where you will play your college football. If you're not, stop singing."

But what about those perky kids from "Glee"?

10:07 AM -- ESPN had Georgia ranked fourth overall for 2010 signing classes, but with Rogers, et all departing, the Dawgs have dropped to ninth.

10:09 AM -- Well, I guess we know how Bacarri Rambo feels about Da'Rick Rogers' departure, courtesy of Facebook: "Bacarri Rambo thinks is messed up how all of UGA high school commitments back out on us but I'm telling you now when I catch you on the field I'm going to knock fire from you."

10:11 AM -- I'm going to attempt to head back over to Butts-Mehre in a few. Hopefully the Internet is working again. We shall see. Either way, Richt will likely be talking with and perhaps addressing the crowd some time before noon.

10:21 AM -- Rodney Garner talking about the recruiting process this year...

"People are not going to give up till the clock goes 0:00. We have to make sure we're doing a good job of building those relationships, cultivating relationships and making sure they know they're doing the right thing."

Garner on the Ogletrees…

"They're both tremendous young men… both going to have a very positive impact on our program and our future."

"I think the Dawg Nation is going to be proud of both of those young men."

On their similarities...

"Those two look like they got swapped around at the hospital."

On Zander Ogletree…

"He's hungry. He wants to prove his worth."

Garner on overall recruiting class...

"We're excited about this class. It takes two years to really know, but the one thing I can say is we didn't go to a B list. These were guys we targeted, guys we wanted all along, so we're excited about it."

10:40 AM -- OK, back and Butts-Mehre, coffee in hand, crowd filling out... perhaps things are coming together. The news that Lowndes star Telvin Smith may be reconsidering Florida State and thinking Georgia instead.

10:48 AM -- I think the reason signing day is so big for fans is that it's really the only day in college sports that resembles fantasy football. Think about it... in pro sports you have the drafts, the offseason moves, hot stove in MLB... it's just like fantasy sports. There are trades and changes and free agent signings and stuff for fans to get excited about. Well, in college sports you can't deal your quarterback for a top linebacker, but you do get one day a year to celebrate a big haul of new recruits.

10:52 AM -- The flip side of that: Yes, Georgia will be adding 15 or 16 names to the roster (at least) today, but looking back at last year's class (which was a very good one), here are the total number of players who made a major impact:

Washaun Ealey (717 rush yards, 3 TDs in nine games)
Orson Charles (23 catches, 374 yards, 3 TDs)
Branden Smith (14 tackles, 279 return yards, 208 rush yards, 2 TDs)
Rantavious Wooten (10 catches, 197 yards, 2 TDs)
Abry Jones (eight tackles, one sack)
Montez Robinson (five tackles, two sacks)

So, summing up...

Last year Georgia signed 20 players. I'd say four of them made major contributions in year one. Two more made minor contributions. Four more made very small or special teams contributions. Ten were redshirted.

So what we're seeing today may be an influx of talent for the future, but don't expect more than about 3 or 4 to really turn into serious factors in 2010.

10:57 AM -- Comment from Charles Armentrout: "On a different subject, any word on who the last remaining defensive coach might be. It would be really cool if he is currently on the New Orleans Saints staff right now. Do you think being understaffed hurt UGA on the recruiting trail this season?"

Can't tell you too much about the new hire, as that's been pretty quiet. It is curious as to why Georgia has been so content to wait on announcing someone, so that only adds some fuel to the Travis Jones fire. That said, there was really no major rush to get someone in. It didn't leave them shorthanded on the recruiting trail (they're only allowed seven on the road at once anyway) and there was a coach for each position, so no players were left wondering who they'd work with.

That said, I'll remind everyone who is calling today a failure for Georgia of what I wrote numerous times during the season: If you wanted changes on the coaching staff, you had to be prepared to accept some short-term setbacks.

That's just how it works. These kids build relationships with coaches, and I promise you, they weren't judging Willie Martinez the same way fans were. When the changes were made, it was bound to put a few doubts in the heads of recruits. And when it took six weeks to find replacements, there was a cost to that, too.

And now that Grantham and Lakatos are in place, there is a cost to that, too. In some ways, Mark Richt simply saying, "Trust me, you know I'll do the right thing" was better than saying, "Hey, meet Todd Grantham. He's our new DC."

These kids had already gotten used to Jancek, Fabris and Willie. Grantham and Lakatos have extremely different personalities. (And, in truth, I'm not sure anyone else has Jon Fabris' personality. He's one of a kind.) So when there were no coaches, it was easy enough to tell players that they'd be bringing in guys who would mesh personality-wise. Now that Grantham and Lakatos are here, there's certainly a possibility that wasn't the case with everyone.

So... there were always going to be short-term costs to making those changes. The verdict on whether it was worthwhile or not won't be seen for another year or two.

11:03 AM -- Things slowing down a tad... I'd figure fans will hear from Richt shortly. We're scheduled to meet with him at 1:30, along with assistants. I'm going for coffee No. 2. And yes, I know many of you are expecting some discussion of "Lost" today... I'll get to it. I concerned about spoilers though.

11:20 AM -- Dexter Morant and Brent Benedict have both sent in their LOIs.

On the other hand, Telvin Smith decided to stick with Florida State, according to War Chant.

11:29 AM -- Richt talking with the crowd now. Says he's still expecting "one or two more" faxes to come in.

11:36 AM -- Richt says Richard Samuel will move to linebacker. Says he was "anxious to make that move."

11:38 AM -- Mike Thornton's LOI is officially in.

11:40 AM -- Alec Ogletree is "Tree" while Alexander Ogletree is "Zander" Richt says. Also says Alec will be at safety and coaches expect big impact. Richt also said that his son, Jon, is engaged. Once he's married, Richt says he expects The Watergirl to return to the sidelines at UGA games regularly.

11:44 AM -- Richt answered a handful of questions from fans, but outside of the Samuel announcement, not much substantial. He's talking with Dowdle now.

Compared to last year when Richt had a good idea he'd be landing Marlon Brown late, he seemed a good bit more reserved this year. But he made sure to get in all the requisite quotes about being excited about the class, etc.

11:46 AM -- Garrison Smith's LOI is in. That's all the ones we were waiting on. Outside of a late decision, we're wrapped up with 18 total commits -- 16 today.

Richt says Smith told him privately he was planning to come to UGA before anyone else in the class.

11:48 AM -- Well if you were interested in learning about the recruitment of Tim Jennings, you loved today's coverage. I believe it was discussed at length with both Garner and Richt far more than any of the current signees.

11:49 AM -- There was a fan sound asleep in a folding chair in the atrium at Butts-Mehre. I'm jealous.

11:51 AM -- Sorry about the bad link on the Telvin Smith story... but War Chant (FSU site) is reporting it, too.

11:57 AM -- Sorry about the previous broken link on Telvin Smith... here's the right one.

OK, we're heading over to the Coliseum now for free food. Be back shortly.

Oh, and one other thing... I'll be on with Bill Shanks in Macon at 4 p.m. if you're in radio distance.

12:42 PM -- Georgia checks in at 9th in ESPN's rankings right now (5th among SEC schools), Rivals has Georgia 15th nationally (6th in the SEC) and Scout has the Bulldogs 19th overall (7th in the SEC).

If that tells me anything, it tells me that the SEC knows how to recruit. This wasn't a horrific day for UGA -- it just wasn't a great one. Problem is, there are a lot of SEC schools that can say the same thing.

12:49 PM -- No LOI yet, but word is Georgia will also land wide receiver Lonnie Outlaw from Wilcox County. He's a two-star guy.

1:18 PM -- Richt is meeting with media in about 15 minutes. I'll have updates then.

1:37 PM -- Richt and Garner at the podium now.

1:40 PM -- Kolton Houston is at Buford today to celebrate with his HS teammates.

1:41 PM -- Garner: "We could have gone out and signed other guys if we wanted to meet that number and fill a quota." Instead wanted players that would fit Grantham's scheme.

1:42 PM -- Richt on Grantham & Lakatos: "They really understand what they want and what they're looking for, and they're great evaluators."

1:44 PM -- Richt: "Timing of the hire, taking as long as it did, it did put a strain on these guys who had committed."

1:46 PM -- Richt said he would be for an early signing date assuming there was a stipulation that recruits would not take official visits until after they sign.

1:47 PM -- Richt says UGA's policy is that if a kid isn't 100 percent certain they'll continue to recruit him, even if he is committed elsewhere. "I think everybody does that," he said.

2:00 PM -- OK, prolly easier to just post my Twitter updates here:

Richt: "anything a school can use to create some doubt in a kid's mind, thats what they'll do. So that's what we were dealing with."

Richt on 3-4: "I really believe a lot of NFL teams and college teams are moving toward this trend, so we're really @ the front end of it."

Richt says he's concerned about WR depth, but very excited about what he has at tight end.

Richt on getting another WR today: "I don't know that. But anything's possible." Think he said similar about Marlon Brown last year.

Richt says not certain, but last he has heard is that Logan Gray will start spring at QB. Chance he could try "a couple" of positions.

2:46 PM -- I'll be posting a lot more stuff in a bit but I've got to work on some stories for the paper. But a few things to point out...

1.) A big congrats to our pal Dan, who helped us out with our picks columns during the season. He and his wife had their first kid today, and I fully expect Virginia Tech to be sending out a press release shortly saying that they have just signed a 5-star beer-pong recruit for the class of 2028.

2.) Here's the deal on Lonnie Outlaw -- He won't be here next year, and likely not until 2012. He is technically a Georgia signee, but he will be attending GMC.

3.) Don't forget, Christian Green announcement is coming at 3:30.

4.) Best quotes of the press conference came from Jakar Hamilton.

First, on his thoughts on Da'Rick Rogers and others de-committing late: "It's disappointing to have a high school player be committed for so long and come up at the last minute because it hurts. It hurts the football team tremendously and the recruiting class. In that case, another player could have had that spot or had a chance to come here and play. I'm not going to call it selfish because they're high school players. Most of them do it for the hype or to have their name out there. But it just shows you what kind of player that person is. Me, Coach Martinez left before I even got here. I could have easily said I don't want to go here anymore, I'll go to Alabama. But I gave Coach Mark Richt my word, and I told him I was committed here. That's what kind of person I am, and that's what I want people to see. I kept my word."

Second, on Bacarri Rambo's promise of a big hit in Rogers' future: "It's going to happen. Especially if he's going to play right off the bat. I just hope he's ready for it, because there's going to be a lot of people on the hit for him on this team."

And when reminded that Georgia swiped a late commit from Kentucky: "It happens a lot. But your in the SEC. You're going to get hit regardless."

2:55 PM -- Answering a question from NRBQ: "Do you have a list of the red-shirts from last year handy?"

Yup... Chris Burnette (OL), Kwame Geathers (DL), Dallas Lee (OL), Austin Long (OL), Derrick Lott (DL), Jordan Love (DB), Zach Mettenberger (QB), Aaron Murray (QB) and Chase Vasser (LB). (And I'm dumb when I said 10 RS earlier... accidentally counted Brandon Bogotay... you might understand why.)

3:35 PM -- Florida just nabs its 16th ESPN top-150 commit in Chaz Green. Christian Green up soon.

3:40 PM -- Those last-ditch hope for Christian Green don't pan out -- he's sticking with Florida State. He did say he couldn't sleep at night worrying about his decision, but still, I think this probably was leaning in FSU's direction all along. And hey, maybe the kid will torch Florida's secondary for the next few years to at least give UGA some benefit to the whole deal.

3:55 PM -- Mentioned this on Twitter, but spring practice is scheduled to open on March 4. The Dawgs won't hold their second practice until March 16 though -- then one practice every two days or so until G-Day on April 10.

OK, I'm working on transcribing quotes for a bit... will have some signing day wrap-up stuff later and then off to the Georgia-Arkansas game where the live blogging will continue.

4:33 PM -- Just finished up on Bill Shanks' show on FOX Sports 1670 in Macon. Hope you got to catch some of it. The Telegraph's Jonathan Heeter is also on talking recruiting.

4:35 PM -- I'll be adding a few quotes as we go here, but this is one I thought summed things up pretty well from Mark Richt: “Guys that are committed to us, there’s some we feel are very solid and you have peace about that because you know they’ve done their homework. Some kids are a little bit more mature than others and they know what they want and they do believe that their word means something. But these kids are 17, 18, 19 years old and coaches that are anywhere between 25 and 65 are trying to convince them why one school is better than another. So it can be confusing at times. It can be very difficult at times. That’s why our policy has been to be very straightforward from the beginning, Don’t say something that won’t come true in the end. Trust is really the only thing we have to hold us together, I think.”


Kathleen said...

Oh I really cannot stand signing day. I hate that it generates huge hype for kids who should really get to go to college and be a student and learn the system.

The easy thing to forget, too, is that some of the kids won't even qualify for college and they've spent this day in the spotlight just to follow it with huge embarrassment. 18 year olds have, by definition, terrible judgement, and the mugging and posing they do on Signing Day will almost always come back to haunt them.

Signing Day hype just turns my stomach....

Anonymous said...

Is it true that there is an unusually low number of fans at Butts-Mehre today?

Stuart said...

I'm not worried about WR at all.
Branden-Harvin type
Orson-slot receiver
Logan Gray?

Anonymous said...


King Jericho said...

Well, I enjoy the offer to check out the AJC for signing day updates, but Chip Towers has some strange power that I want to hang myself after reading every article he writes. Such negative publicity for a local paper. But then again, the AJC is about as "southern" as Florida. I think I'll stick with David...

Kathleen said...

King Jericho... all I have to do is look at the picture of "Mr. College Football" on the AJC and I can't go any further.

And yes, I am reading the signing day updates. I'm a masochisitic football fan. Or a hypocrite. Or it's like a car wreck I can't not look at.

Anonymous said...

And I can't spell mashochistic

Anonymous said...

Any lost thoughts mixed in today?

King Jericho said...

My new thought is Bacarri Rambo is proving on and off the field that he is THE MAN!

Anonymous said...

It's been a boring signing day for UGA.

opsomath said...

I am trying to think of anything Rambo could do to make me like him better.

Nope. Got nothing.

Anonymous said...

I heard something about Telvin Smith maybe wavering on his commitment to FSU and may sign with UGA. Have you heard anything about this David?

Schlagdawg said...

I'm with anon 10:26, just heard that too. Could be just like the Thornton to PSU rumor though...

Andy said...

I am also curious about Telvin. Also curious about Adrian Coxson too. Gaining a good WR would sure lessen the sting of losing Rogers.

Charles Armentrout said...

On a different subject, any word on who the last remaining defensive coach might be. It would be really cool if he is currently on the New Orleans Saints staff right now. Do you think being understaffed hurt UGA on the recruiting trail this season?

Anonymous said...

I will feel much better once we receive Benedict's and Garrison Smith's LOIs!

The Gameday Chef said...

This past season, Rambo moved up the ladder of my favorite dawgs pretty quickly. Today, he just moved up a few more rungs. If he keeps this up, he could end up among my top ten favorite dawgs.

King Jericho said...

In response to the "we made some offseason changes, so expect some growing pains" mindset:

Tennessee changed their entire coaching staff (maybe a couple holdovers?) and they're only 2 spots below us in the recruiting class. Not that I'm saying I'm jealous or I think we're doomed or anything, but I just don't understand how that is. No, I don't think Tennessee will be good next year, maybe not even for several years. I'm not sure how they're able to spin all this hype onto their coaching staff. Kiffin (what did he do before he came to Tennessee other than run his mouth?) and now Dooley (what has he done other than gain a losing record in the WAC?) Only time will tell I suppose. Go Dawgs!

Trey said...

David... how much info are we actually going to get out of Richt today? I mean, are you kidding me? I don't care how little you think losing Rogers will hurt us on the field, you have to be a blind and ignorant fan to not realize how much this hurts the perception of Georgia. We lost our #1 recruit, not to Florida, not to USC or Texas, but to our rival school, that lost it's head coach a matter of weeks ago, has no idea what's going on next year with the program and to an almost nobody brand new head coach. If you don't see how bad that makes us look, then wake up!

RedCrake said...

Tennessee went way up because they offered a 2-Star Ginger QB (we all know how that works out) who happens to be the best friend of one of the best receivers in the country.

Irwin R. Flecther said...

Uhhh....perspective is key, King Jericho. Where was Tennessee's class prior to losing Kiffin? I think they had a top 5 class brewing. They took a hit, too.

There's no doubt that we got hit with negative recruiting and with kids that had relationships with Willie, et. al.

There is plenty of talent in Athens to win. A couple of defections don't help, but they aren't the end of the world...I think anyone expecting the kind of transition needed from Wille to Grantham to be without any pain was kidding themselves. There was bound to be some drops...especially when dealing with a guy that hadn't built the releationships vs. a guy like Kirby or Chavis that might have already talked to a kid.

It's all part of the process...

By the way...note that UGA's average stars are better than 6 teams ahead of us in the Rivals ranking. Total class of 15, yet quality of class is 9. Not a total wash out.

JC said...

Hey David.... read the date at the top of that Chip Towers blog entry on Telvin Smith.

Anonymous said...

David, I think that Telvin article was writted prior to the latest rumblings about him wavering. Have you heard something else since then?

Fratt Stinchcomb said...

Any word on a directional kicker being signed? Or do we not have to worry about that with Fabris being gone?...

Lord I hope its the latter.

Andy said...

I know losing Rogers sucks, and there is no way getting around the "perception" that Georgia lost it's supposed #1 recruit today. However, the circumstances surrounding the switch do not make UGA look as bad. Rogers didn't leave because he didn't have faith in the quality of UGA, or because Tennessee has a brighter future. He switched because his best friend and quasi-brother got and offer from Tenn, and left Vandy. There was no way a big recruit like Rogers was going to Vandy, but Tenn could offer a prestigious program AND his best friend. He chose based on a personal relationship, and there is nothing Richt, Garner, et. al. could have done about it.

Randall said...

If anyone watched Da'rick get completely shut down in the State Champ. game, you should not be worried. Maybe he pans out, maybe not. Either way Rambo is gunning for him. Ain't it sweet? Go Dawgs!

Wes said...

Samuel to linebacker is like picking up another 5 star recruit. Glad they announced that move.

King Jericho said...

Well said Wes; all that talent was being wasted as a backup backup RB. His biggest problem last year was his ball handling, so now that that responsibility is gone, I expect great things from him.

And yeah, Irwin, I agree about the perspective of it all, but we've really racked up on Defense this class, imo, and those were the coaches that changed. The public hit we've taken is from the offensive side of the ball. Minimal OL recruiting, lost the #1 WR recruit (which, yes, wasn't entirely foreseeable and not much, if anything, could have been done), etc. I know our Offense is super stacked going into 2010, but it'd still be nice to have the ability to "reload" if someone got hurt or left.

Having said all that, I think if we solve our defensive problems from last year, we're going to win 11+ games easily. I'm excited and anxious to see what the future holds.

Unknown said...

I was just about to say what Randall said. Not only did Rogers get shut down in the state championship game, he showed a bad attitude as well. This will work out for the best. The negative comments here are depressing. Look at who we've signed...not who we lost. Go DOGS!

Anonymous said...

So glad for Samuel! Smart move.

RedCrake said...

We did sign a Top 15 OT (with an injury hurting that ranking) and a Top 25 OG.

Unknown said...

....not to mention UGA is loaded at WR. You win or lose the SEC in the trenches. The Thornton signing more than makes up for the loss of Rogers.

JRL said...

Put me in the very pleased group.

I'd rather have 3 & 4 star (if I am forced to use the star thingy) guys with something to prove than 5 star guys looking only to the NFL.

Bryant Sims said...

what's up with adrain coxson? a soft verbal to the gators? any idea if he'll sign today? any chance he goes with the dogs?

Anonymous said...

realised how truly blessed we are after trolling the Rogers kids twitter account for 30 sec.

Brannon (BC REAL) said...

David, It looks like we signed Lonnie Outlaw of Wilcox County also... Have you heard anything about this?

Clay said...

Do we have any shot at Christian Green?

Dawgfan17 said...

Lonnie Outlaw- A 6'6" WR from Wilcox Co is a beast from WR position. I have not seen anybody that can cover him - that was the only thing i could find on him. It was in reference to practice at the north/south Georgia all star game. Hopefully he will turn out like Tim Jennings. A guy with little to no offers until we offered him on signing day who is now playing in a Superbowl.

reese said...

whats the story on outlaw? ive never heard of says something about him signing with 2 schools today

Brannon (BC REAL) said...

If the Outlaw signing is legit, it should put us high on the list of the QB at Wilcox County...I think Marshall is his last name. I saw him play a couple of times down here in S.GA and he looked great!

Andy said...

I can't even find Outlaw on the ESPN database. However, any 6'6 receiver with the last name Outlaw deserves a chance in my book.

I also just saw we got another WR in Michael Bennett. Between him and Outlaw, I'm sure we will add at least one quality guy to the position to replace Mike Moore. Not too mention I thin Wooten and T. King are going to be really good.

Unknown said...

Lonnie Outlaw: all name first-teamer along with Rambo, and Washington.

Anonymous said...

Outlaw is headed to Junior College first

Anonymous said...

When is Christian Green signing or is that a done deal at FSU already?

King Jericho said...

Last I heard Green's decision will be made at 3:30 today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And is the consensus on Green around 40/60 FSU or are we even more of a longshot?

Anonymous said...

Will the Christian Green announcement be live online anywhere?

DawgOnTOUR said...

Another banner day for David Hale in my book. Thanks for all of your hard work!
Really impressed by the maturity of Jakar Hamilton. That's the kind of kids that we want in the DawgNation.
Finally, circle 10/09/10 on the calendar...Mr. Rogers will have quite the welcoming committee to Sanford Stadium!

King Jericho said...

1) I'm personally thinking it's a much longer shot than that. Probably closer to 20/80, but who really knows? Can you really put a probability on something like this anyways?

2) I haven't seen it mentioned to be live anywhere. Perhaps ESPN might cover it? No clue really.

Brannon (BC REAL) said...

Thanks alot Dave!!! You do a great job... this blog is my 1st read every morning

David Hale said...

I believe ESPNU is covering it

King Jericho said...

Looks like Green's going to FSU. Darn.

Brannon (BC REAL) said...

Well, I was hoping we could pull another rabbit out of the proverbial hat like we did with Marlon Brown last year...I am excited about this class though!!

Anonymous said...


The tallest is Lonnie Outlaw, who scored 10 touchdowns on only 22 catches last year and is drawing praise from opposing coaches.

“I was unfortunate enough as an assistant coach at Coffee to go up against (former Georgia receiver) Fred Gibson,” Perry coach Andy Scott told the Macon Telegraph. “Lonnie Outlaw makes Fred Gibson look like a girl. He’s the most demoralizing player I have ever coached against. We triple-covered him, and he still caught everything.”

Carter said...

I think we have to consider the very real possibility that Willie Martinez and/or Joe Cox gave our program cooties.

Anonymous said...

David, from a former journalist who's been in your shoes, your blog is the best online source of UGA football news. It's impartial, provides context and doesn't feed the rumor mill. The "Lost" info is an added bonus. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I recall thinking how classy UT was this year when they booed Marlon Brown (an 18 year old) for choosing UGA over UT. At the same time, I have a huge desire to see Rogers booed at least a little in Sanford. Booing a kid seems a bit much, but the situation is different, right? The thing that bothers me about Rogers is that he kept us from recruiting another WR by saying he was coming, not that he didn't come here in the end. Please agree that I still have the high road.

David Hale said...

I'm not sure if you have THE high road, but you definitely have A high road.

Besides, if Rogers likes "the culture" in Knoxville so much, you'd have to assume that includes booing players for turning your school down, right?

Muckbeast said...

"The thing that bothers me about Rogers is that he kept us from recruiting another WR by saying he was coming, not that he didn't come here in the end."

I agree with this. What bothers me the most is not his decision, but the way he jerked us around.

I hope Rambo goes Rambo II on him.

Kathleen said...

I have no doubt that other schools make offer to kids that are outside the NCAA standards, at best. I also have no doubt that kids at Georgia are promised nothing but the chance to work hard and play football.

Some may call me naive, but that's my absolute belief, and if it means we get less and less flashy on signing day, that's fine. We end up with kids who are going to work and who value what Georgia has to offer.