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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Links (11/25)

Don't forget we're chatting at 1 p.m. today at You can post your questions now, or just join us live then.

We'll be meeting with Mark Richt at 2:15, so the chat will need to be limited to about 45 minutes, but I'll get to all the questions I possibly can.

-- Tyler Estep writes for the Telegraph that Joe Cox is hoping his final regular-season game for Georgia can provide a more pleasant conclusion than last week did.

-- David Ching writes that this year's Bulldogs have provided a familiar storyline for Eric Zeier.

-- Any time Bernie has a locker note for Fred Munzenmaier, you know the game is important.

-- Bubba N Earl come up with the battle plan for beating Georgia Tech.

-- Things could get ugly for Georgia on Saturday, but at least it won't get this ugly. Probably.

-- Jeff Schultz writes that it has been Paul Johnson, not Mark Richt, that has done the better job of QB development of late.

-- From a Syracuse fan who has seen his team on this list way too often, may I simply say, Welcome to ESPN's Bottom 10, UGA. Hope you don't stick around too long.

-- The Grit Tree offers up its final regular-season Lewis Grizzard Wednesday, and it's a good one.

-- Bleacher Report offers a Thanksgiving wishlist for the Georgia football team. (Since when do we get wishlists for Thanksgiving? Is this a way to boost the economy? If so, I want a Lexus with a big bow on it.)

-- This is a really fascinating article from Eye on Sports Media about the economic effect all the night games had on Athens businesses. Once again, ESPN acts as the Wal-Mart of TV.

-- Rather than Uga VIII, PETA would like Georgia to get Uga 8.0. (By the way, does anyone else think it's a good sign for Georgia that next year's Uga will be the same number as A.J. Green?)

-- Georgia Sports Blog has an even better idea for the mascot.

-- Georgia's hoops team finally got back in the win column last night.

-- Chris Low has his SEC picks for the week posted. He sees a 10-point win for Tech. Did you know the spread is 7.5? Yet 10 is about the closest I've seen any of the "experts" call this game.

-- This week's "Coachspeak of the Week" award goes to... Paul Johnson!

-- Sad news for Jim Harrick's family.

-- The legend of Matthew Stafford is growing in Detroit after his heroic performance Sunday.

-- Brandon Coutu got a tryout with the Falcons.

-- Jimmy Fallon does a mean Neil Young impression... this is hilarious.

-- This looks like an awesome Christmas gift idea for anyone whose formative years came in the early '90s.

-- Here's an early look at some photos from the new season of "24."

-- Here's an interesting list of the best band names inspired by movies. I'll give my vote to The Fratellis.

-- Here's a YouTube clip of the "Seinfeld" reunion without all the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" stuff in between.

-- And finally, Paste has its list of the best TV guest appearances of the decade. This strikes me as a pretty crappy list. Spencer and Heidi were the best they came up with from "How I Met Your Mother"? I liked Chris Elliott better this week. And I'm not sure if it counts, but I'd argue Peyton Manning on "Saturday Night Live" was hands down the best guest appearance of the decade.


ginny said...

Once again, we are on a list with a bunch of teams that haven't won more than 3 games and we're still over .500. I really don't know if I should take that as we really suck or look how far our program has come to where 6-5 gets you put in a list of "Bottom" teams.

Anonymous said...

So what are your opinions on V Dave?

David Hale said...

Haven't seen last night's episode yet, but so far...

-- I hate the kid who plays the son on the show. No idea why. He just annoys me.

-- I can't take the guy playing the alien who was in "Dodgeball" seriously.

-- I thought they revealed too much in the first episode and not enough in the next two.

That said, I've enjoyed the show overall, and I'm definitely going to keep watching.

Anonymous said...

Lewis, a true Son af the South. He is still very much missed.

Anonymous said...

Really? Just another game? Well, maybe this year; last year, they put up special signs about it in the weight room, IIRC.

Herschel Blogger said...

That bottom 10 list is complete bull. Don't get me wrong, I've cried myself to sleep many times this season as a dawgs fan. But this is just another example of us thinking we're more important than we are. We play well, we wind up #1 in the nation. We take a crap on our season and our coaches, we get put at the bottom of the nation, even with a winning record. So listen, national media. Stop putting us in the limelight. Acknowledge when we're playing we'll and when we aren't, but don't act like the CFB world hangs on us.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed the weight room. See this AJC link for more proof.

Just a game, my butt.

Ben Rockwell said...

If it's just another game, why'd they spend their bowl money getting rings commemorating a victory given to them by a third quarter collapse?

Nice try, jackass.

Winning this week would be so sweet b/c it would help our season, plus it would also blemish what is possible their best season since 1990.

Go Dawgs.