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Monday, November 30, 2009

Another UGA Player Arrested

Georgia freshman defensive end Montez Robinson was arrested early Monday morning and charged with underage possession of alcohol, according to the Athens Clarke County booking reports.

Robinson was arrested at 4:06 a.m. Monday morning by university police and released about 90 minutes later on a $500 bond.

Robinson was named the SEC's defensive lineman of the week after a two-sack performance against Tennessee Tech but has played sparingly the rest of the season.


Anonymous said...

Arrest + home sick = transfer????

Apollo said...

Oh no.

Anonymous said...

big deal - unless all students who get arrested for underage possession are identified all of the media need to give it a rest

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59---I agree. Hate that Montez has not followed up on his performance by getting the dumb penalty, and now making a MINOR mistake, but those who put this type of "jaywalking" offense as a major issue have lost perspective. Driving without a license, making a wrong turn on a scooter are nt offenses I worry about. Compare that to armed robbery, public brawling, drug possession, DUI's, resisting arrest, etc, that is when I feel the hammer has to come down. I would hate to lose him but this may send him home if he is already inclined that way. MR could play a major role for us next year on what looks to be a pretty good, high-profile football team.

Anonymous said...

But for the grace of God there go I says this UGA alum. BFD.

Anonymous said...

4:06 monday morning? i feel like that is the least probable time of the week to get arrested for such an incident

Bernie said...

There were two broken tail lights that triggered the call to police...otherwise this woulda never surfaced. Like most incidences of underage drinking.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and articles in the paper, but including "Another" and "Latest" in the titles of your posts seems a bit silly. Granted the dawgs have had their share of incidents both minor and more serious..but don't get like the guys over at the AJC and make the Dawgs out to be a bunch of thugs.

I'm probably being overly sensitive but you've raised the bar with your writing and analysis of UGA and I just don't want you too fall into the typical messenger.

Anyway, thanks for a great year.
Go Dawgs!