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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Practice Notes: Green, Rambo Downgraded to Doubtful

Hope gave way to reality Wednesday, as Georgia head coach Mark Richt announced both safety Bacarri Rambo and receiver A.J. Green were likely to miss Saturday’s game against Georgia Tech.

Just a day earlier, Richt said he was confident that Rambo, who suffered a concussion against Auburn two weeks ago, would be ready in time for Tech, but the redshirt freshman was not cleared to play by trainer Ron Courson, putting his chances of playing at almost none.

“Ron just says he’s not ready yet, so he’s not ready,” Richt said. “I don’t think he’ll play.”

The same is true for Green, Georgia’s leading receiver who has missed two of the past three games with varying injuries. A sprained shoulder suffered against Auburn had Green questionable for action already, but with just one practice session remaining before Saturday’s kickoff against the Yellow Jackets, Richt said there was little chance the star receiver would see action.

“My term is hopeful because you hope he makes it, but he’s doubtful, too,” Richt said. “I wouldn’t rule him out, but the chances aren’t very good at all.”


Georgia will be without third-string tailback Richard Samuel for this weekend’s game against Tech after the sophomore collided with walk-on cornerback Christian Norton in practice Tuesday, sending both players to the hospital.

Samuel was running a route in the flat, but after catching the football, Norton delivered a hard hit to the tailback that sent both players to the ground.

“It was a pretty hard collision for both of them, and both of them ended up getting a concussion," Richt said. "For safety sake, we sent them over to the hospital for X-rays and to get looked at.”

Norton was knocked unconscious, and both players suffered concussions and minor neck injuries, Richt said.

None of the injuries were considered severe, and both players were released from the hospital the same day.

“We don’t think either one of them is going to have any kind of long-lasting issues from it but it was scary there for a minute,” Richt said.

Samuel had been Georgia’s starting tailback for much of the season but has seen his playing time dwindle in recent weeks. Still, he was a starter on both the kickoff return unit and punt return unit on special teams.

Richt said he was unsure if either player would be ready for Georgia’s bowl game.


Despite rampant speculation about the future of many of Georgia’s assistant coaches, Richt said the energy at practice this week has remained high and players are avoiding the rumors about resignations and terminations on the staff.

“What I’ve found is they’re going to go about as hard as we go,” Richt said. “I think the coaches still kind of make the weather for the guys. If we go out there and we get to work and coach ‘em up and have the same expectations we’ve always had, then they’ll rise to that.”

Of course, the rumors have spread beyond the locker room, and Richt said he’s sure that other schools are using the speculation as a recruiting tool with many top prospects.

“I’m sure people do that, and people are going to use whatever they can use,” he said. “Right now, again, we’ve just got to focus on this ballgame. All these things we’re talking about aren’t going to help us win, so that’s what we’re focusing on right now.”

Georgia’s coaching staff is scheduled to take a furlough day prior to the end of the month as part of the state’s mandatory furloughs, but most are expected to hit the road for the start of the NCAA’s open contact period for recruiting as early as Sunday.

As for addressing those rumors about his assistant coaches, Richt said he’s doing his best not to listen to the rumblings.

“You can’t let public opinion run your program is probably the best way to say it,” Richt said.


Georgia defensive tackle Jeff Owens was named to the SEC Football Community Service team for his work with Habitat for Humanity, the Boys and Girls Club and numerous other charity organizations.


Anonymous said...

I hope I am reading too much into this but sounds like we'll have Willie in 2010

...As for addressing those rumors about his assistant coaches...
“You can’t let public opinion run your program is probably the best way to say it,” Richt said.

Anonymous said...

You are reading too much into it...Willie is gone.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Rambo thing. He was doing fine the next day. He must still not be responding to some of the cognitive testing. Two weeks should be enough time. Man, could we use him this game, of all games. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:03-----when are idiots like you going to realize you don't have a clue what is going on, and your simpleton need to gossip is like a bunch of old bitties. Let the dman coaches make the decisions and hold your negative, UGA hating comments to you meet with your coffee group. People like you are driving people away from this program, and that includes recruits, and probably CMR soon. Why should anyone put up with your childish, incessant whineing. Shut up and grow some!

Randall said...

Hey Anon 7:13: I've got some. What you want? 1 for 5 & 2 for 8

Anonymous said...

Anon 705- you are a complete idiot. As much as the coaches have made some terrible decisions this year, keeping Rambo out to ensure the future safety and functionality of his brain is a no-brainer decision.

Kathleen said...

I hope this is the same anonymous person replying to himself because that would be amusing... what's up with the name calling? Bulldogs Blog is supposed to be the place for thinkers, not haters!

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, you are giving the readers of this blog too much credit.