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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Links (11/24)

I had a mailbag all set for this morning before my computer crashed and I lost it all. Before that happened, I also deleted the original questions myself, so I'm at a loss for even attempting to reproduce it. But fear not... if you've had a question or complaint or comment that you missed out on getting a reply for, you can still pass along your thoughts in our weekly chat.

Of course, we usually do those chats on Thursdays, but this week, that isn't going to happen. So the plan is to hold a chat tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1 p.m. I'm still working on getting the chat session set up for you to post your questions, but I'll let you know as soon as it's live.

In the meantime, some links for today...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on how last year's Georgia Tech game has influenced Reshad Jones ever since.

-- The Senator uses Mike Bobo's quote about Joe Cox as the jumping off point for one important key to this week's game. He's right, and no one seems to be trying to hide. The players I talked to yesterday were pretty open in saying that there are a lot of guys pretty down this week. That's a first for this season.

-- It was a slow night on the Bulldog Hotline, but Jim from Duluth has the gory details.

-- Damon Evans nixes the idea of uniform gimmicks for the foreseeable future.

-- Tony Barnhart says Les Miles could be on the hot seat and says Mark Richt has some tough times ahead.

-- Patrick Garbin puts the blame for Saturday's debacle squarely on the coaches.

-- Chris Low echoes much of the criticism, saying it is incumbent upon Richt to take a long, hard look at where his program is headed.

-- Bleacher Report says Mark Richt shouldn't be fired.

-- Bleacher Report says Mark Richt should be fired.

-- Dawg Sports attempts a defense of the Georgia coaching staff.

-- Adam Krohn gets to do some serious bragging at this point and Mike in Valdosta is forced to admit he was wrong.

-- Paul Johnson is full of backhanded compliments for Georgia.

-- Knowshon Moreno fighting on the sidelines with teammates? Yikes. Things must be bad in Denver. (BTW, as a Knowshon fantasy owner, I'm baffled by all the fumbles this season.)

-- David Ching writes about the new healthier version of Jeremy Price.

-- Some Kentucky fans spent a few hours trashing the Georgia campus before Saturday's game. I blame the long lines at The Grill. If you make the prompt transition from whiskey to grease at 2 a.m., you don't have these types of problems. But that long wait.... it gives old Jack Daniels too much time to talk you into bad decisions.

-- Janzen Jackson is cleared in the stick-em-up case in Knoxville.

-- Matt Hayes is starting to buy into the conspiracy theories on the SEC officiating.

-- We've all talked about doing it. One man had the courage to follow through. (Kidding, of course. Probably.)

-- Chris Elliott talks to TV Guide about his guest role on last night's Slapsgiving episode of "How I Met Your Mother," which was OK but didn't approach the hilarity of the original Slapsgiving. (Although the commercial for the Slap Bet board game at the end was perhaps the second best moment of the season after Moustache Marshall.)

-- "Friday Night Lights" without Riggins? Noooooooo!

-- Apparently "The Daily Show" is a little too subtle in its humor for the comedy-impared folks in Iran.

-- Ten years after its release, The Huffington Post looks at the impact of "Fight Club."

-- A history of waffles. This is just one of those articles everyone needs to read.

-- I'm not sure what the most amusing part of this story is, but it does a nice job of illustrating how ridiculous Facebook is, how ridiculous the insurance industry is and, most of all, how ridiculous Canada is.

-- Some folks loved the season finale of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and some people didn't.

-- "Flash Forward" is taking a timeout to regroup.

-- And finally, I defy Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart to take a ham to the face like Paula Deen does. Spending time in Albany really toughens you up for things like that.


watcher16 said...

V is so far superior to Flash Forward it isn't even funny! Just drop FF altogether and put more into V!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Knowshon is running with two hands on the ball all of the time now. Inside and outside runs. This takes away his spin moves and his stiff arm. And he still fumbles. He's running like a fullback who carries the ball 10 times a season. The running backs coach must be insisting on this, but it's making him a very mediocre running back. He certainly does not fit the mold of Denver running backs we are used to.

Anonymous said...

You think you're baffled...

I've got Marshall and Moreno on my fantasy team.

Prince Lightfoot said...

'Cept we're only getting 4 episodes of V this season, and there will be a new show-runner before next season. I'm thinking changes may be afoot.

Still missing Sarah Connor...

Anonymous said...

David, do yourself a favor. Don't give Adam Krohn any free pub.

Krohn "right"? I think not. Again, he...and follow me here...WANTS GEORGIA TO HIRE BRIAN VANGORDER AS HEAD COACH. Really. Really! The same VanGorder that torpedoed Georgia Southern, who's held onto post-UGA jobs for about five-minute periods, who took a job just to change his mind in a second, etc., etc. Krohn thinks that VanGorder would be the best fit at *head coach* for Georgia.

He's an idiot. He also defended SEC officials rrrriiiight before they were suspended by the conference. He's an idiot. His editors sheepishly delete comments dissecting his stories. He's an idiot.

An idiot. Give him no further press, thanks.

David Hale said...

But Anon, it's so much fun reading people like you tear his unfounded opinions to shreds!

Anonymous said...

I could deal with him being some small-fry bozo who desperately wishes he were Mark Bradley (who's also strenuously lousy) if his coward editors let the maximum ownage in the comments stay. If you're going to be a dope, at least have the guts to to get taken down for it.

Anonymous said...

Kentucky fans were mad about long lines at the Grill? They could have wandered about a block in any direction and gotten the same thing from a street vendor. Those guys actually make some really good food (certainly as good as the Grill, which, is really just average food, unless you're just there because it's open all night, in which case I would always go to Waffle House). Or are you a big fan of the Grill, David? Didn't mean to step on your toes if you are, but its just not the best, in the same way out of town folks reference the Varsity like its the be-all-end-all of food in Athens (It has more of a tie to Tech than to us! Yuck!)

Anonymous said...

Agree, Krohn is an imbecile who is not worthy of being quoted. BVG is a disaster post UGA. Seems the Falcons defense hasn't prospered much under his guidance either. He was a solid coach at UGA, and everyone loved his passion. That same "passion" has translated into hot-headedness, and being impulsive. There is no way he is HC material based on his actions post UGA (including his deserting us during resruiting season to take a position coaching job in Jacksonville). I had similar concerns about Muschamp when he was at Auburn. Perhaps he has matured at Texas as they seem to like him, I just don't see them enough to have an opinion of him now. I do know he was good for our offensive stats while at Auburn and LSU!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks, David, for the funny and interesting links you give us all the time. I only started following your blog here over the past several weeks of the UGA season, but I've gotten many hours of enjoyment from your posts. By the way, I saw your picture in the Telegraph the other day and you look like you're in your late 20s/early 30s. Man, I'm envious. I graduated from UGA a few years ago with a degree in journalism but was unable to find a job in the field, so I ended up working for a small business here in Athens doing really boring, mindless stuff. Kudos for making it so far at such a young age. I'm truly envious and wish you the best. I'll definately be reading your blogs and have shared them with a lot of people and will continue to do so because I like your style!

David Hale said...

No worries, Anon 5:41. I have actually walked out of there after ordering before. Not my favorite. I'll take Waffle House over the Grill any day.

Anon 5:49 -- Many thanks (and 31, to be exact, but you can continue to tell people I'm in my 20s). Sadly, the journalism industry doesn't offer too many opportunities to anyone these days. I feel for people like you who could never quite get their foot in the door, but I feel even worse for the folks who have been doing it for 20 years and are now being shown the door. Thanks so much for reading though! (And that picture in the Telegraph is definitely not the most flattering of me... It can't be helping our circulation numbers, that's for sure.)

Texas_Dawg said...

And when UGA rebounds to 10-win seasons during the Murray years, that will make Adam Krohn... what?

Dalton, Georgia must be a pretty miserable place if that is the best they can do in the journalism department.