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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Veazey Paralyzed From Waist Down

Doctors updated the media today on the condition of Georgia secondbaseman Chance Veazey. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend, but the AJC has the full story. It's an absolutely awful situation for a kid who had a whole lot ahead of him before this accident, but he sounds like he's keeping a positive attitude, which is good to see.

I mentioned this on the blog yesterday, but if you're interested in helping the Veazey family through a monetary donation or you just want to keep up with Veazey's progress, here's the information you'll need:

In lieu of flowers and food, the family has set up a “Prayers for Chance” fund to help offset medical expenses through Athens First Bank and Trust Company (AFB&T). Donations may be sent to AFB&T, attention Phil Bettendorf, Senior Vice President, P.O. Box 1747, Athens, Ga., 30603. Donations can also be dropped off at any Athens First Bank location.

A website where individuals can send Chance messages and check for updates has been set up by the family. To send a note to Chance and the family, please visit:


Anonymous said...

Waist down, perhaps, DH?

Anonymous said...

Uga dead?????