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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Links (11/9)

The refs blow an easy call at a crucial time in the game.

The quarterback chucks one bad throw after another, almost daring corners to pick them off.

The defense can't get off the field when it matters most, allowing the opposition to convert one third-and-long after another while the secondary gets burned by a wide receiver that was previously the butt of jokes.

The play calling goes from puzzling to ingnorant to absurd to the point that you wonder if the coaches put money on the other team.

No, that's not the play-by-play from a Georgia game. It was last night's Eagles-Cowboys game, and it was enough for me to swear I wouldn't watch Philly play again this year. I have better things to do with a Sunday.

I didn't grow up in the South. I didn't know a single Georgia fan until I moved to Georgia in 2005. I still have never been to an SEC football game that I wasn't in the press box for.

But I can completely understand your frustrations this season, because it's essentially what I've tolerated from the Eagles for a decade. It is utterly exasperating.

And coupled with Syracuse's loss to LeMoyne and the Phillies losing the World Series to the Yankees, and I can officially say that last week sucked about as much as possible. Lacrosse season can't get here soon enough. Ugh.

Some links...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on the emergence of Georgia's running game. Yes, it was a big day against a bad team, but it's also the third straight week of improvement for a group that was really struggling.

-- T Kyle King offers some "Yeah, but..." on the Tennessee Tech game.

-- Bubba N Earl share their thoughts on the Tennessee Tech game, too, with some kudos for the tight ends.

-- And while "it was just Tennessee Tech..." seems to be the popular sentiment, Patrick Garbin helps put the win in some real context, and it's a lot more impressive than most people seem to think.

-- While last week's game gave Georgia a chance to fatten up some of its statistics, Senator Blutarsky found one that is still pretty embarrassing... you know, other than the penalties and turnover ratio.

-- A Georgia defensive end hadn't won an SEC lineman of the week award since 2006, but Montez Robinson became the second to win it this season. Pressuring the QB hasn't been nearly as bad this year as we thought it might be at the start of the season. Bonus points for Jon Fabris?

-- With Auburn on the horizon, Battle Hymn Notes takes a moment to remember the once great Tommy Tuberville.

-- Rex Robinson reminds readers that the task gets a lot tougher against Ben Tate and the Tigers this week.

-- You can get ready for Auburn by reading Andy Bitter's Sunday notebook which has a heaping helping of Tigers news.

-- And if that's not enough, War Eagle Reader has plenty of thoughts after Auburn's latest victory, too.

-- ESPN's Chris Low has his SEC bowl projections and sees another trip to Nashville for the Dawgs.

-- Dr. Saturday sums up some interesting quirks in this week's top 25 voting and points out that while three SEC teams are ranked in the top eight, the only top-20 opponent any of them have beaten is LSU (which is ranked No. 8). We've been making fun of plenty of other schedules this year, but it's probably time to ask if that question should be asked about the top SEC teams, too.

Which, by the way, after reading that post and Low's bowl predictions... I think I had failed to realize just how bad the SEC is this year. After those top three -- which have some serious question marks -- there's really not another legitimately good team in the conference.

-- Got a breaking news story about Central Florida's football program? Great. Just run it by the head coach first and make sure he's OK with you writing it.

-- Another week, another bad call by the SEC refs. But I'm sure if we all just ignore it, don't say a word about it, fine coaches who give it a second thought... it'll all just go away.

-- Yet another story that demonstrates the very thin line between comedy and tragedy.

-- Nothing gets your Monday going better than a montage of great literary moustaches.

-- So there's a giant atom-smashing machine that hopes to recreate the Big Bang and could, theoretically, create a black hole that would swallow the world. But scientists have assured us it's safe, so no worries. But a bird dropped a piece of bread into the machine this weekend, which caused chaos. But really, it's cool. Don't worry.

-- And finally, you have just 45 shopping days left until Christmas, and if you're looking for the perfect gift for me and you have a few grand to spend, this would be great.


Brad said...

Despite being a huge Saints fan, I do feel your pain, that was a pretty rough game to watch (hate the Cowboys). Coupla questions or thoughts:
Montez Robinson is one of several players I'm excited about seeing develop and play next year, but as far as your question about bonus points for Fabris, should they be taken away from Martinez? We continually hear how getting pressure is the problem, but if it isn't as big of a problem, why aren't the results better in the overall defense?

As far as the conference strength, I agree with you, but only to a point. Yes, the SEC is definitely not as good this year. But what conference is? While saying the only victory over a current top-20 team is LSU, which is true, if Va Tech beats alabama (or they don't play), where is Va tech ranked now? College football is really interesting this year because teams really haven't separated themselves all that much. 1 loss (in most cases) drops you pretty far (see Iowa).

Put more succinctly, only 1 other top 10 team has an out of conference victory over a top-20 team: Boise. And then they didn't play anyone else.

Obviously I'm an SEC fan, but I struggle to find another conference with the depth of good and average teams compared to the SEC. Oddly enough, it would probably be the ACC. Va Tech, Miami, and Ga Tech all look very good (he shudders to say), but they all also look and have been beatable. Duke and UNC are no longer gimme's, and even UVA has played some good games. The PAC-10 and Big-Televen also look decent, but both lack the heavy hitters or depth.

Randy Powers said...

Fabis bonus points? I'm still not sure. I've been trying to pay attention to the DE play this year. The season is not over and the jury is still out, but I wish someone would let the young DEs that are playing know it's okay to just pin their ears back and go in passing situations. Let the LBs and interior linemen worry about that screen play and come off the line with just one thing in and destroy the QB. Sometimes a young player needs the game simplified and seeks "permission" i.e. coach's approval to play a certain way. They are drilled to read their keys and play their technique that it can sometimes lock them up a bit. Our younger DEs look like prototypes for the position...strength with good speed and long arms...just turn 'em loose coach.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested for you to compare notes with someone who covers Oklahoma. If i'm not mistaken, they just suffered their 4th loss. They lost their starting Senior QB (albeit through injury instead of the draft) and seem to be flailing a bit. Sound familiar? I wonder if the natives are as restless in Norman as they are in Athens. Not saying the situations are exactly the same, but it's hard to ignore some inherent similarities...