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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Links (11/3)

Not much time for links this morning, but a handful of reading material to get you through the day...

-- First off, a shout out to friends of the blog in NYC. Reader Matt S. has started up a Web site for the NYC Bulldogs Club, so if you're a UGA fan in the Big Apple, check it out. And go Phillies!

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on the Bulldogs' thoughts about playing for 2010 vs. worrying about winning the next four games.

-- And Mike Lough has some thoughts from Eric Zeier about the state of the Georgia program.

-- Some thoughts from the Anonymous Suck-up, a veteran Bulldogs Blog commenter:

"So let me get this straight. Mike Slive thinks a coach criticizing game officials is a worse offense than a player intentionally trying to blind another player. Nice. The real shame is that this is what we all expected. We didn't expect Florida or the SEC to do the right thing. We had no reason to do so, but we had lots of reasons to expect what we got. It's a sad state of affairs.

"Oh...and one more thing...what do you think the reaction would have been if Reshad Jones had been caught gouging Tebow's eyes? Certainly the reaction from the game officials, the media, the coaches, and the league would've been exactly the same, right? Riiight."

Chris Low agrees, bashing the decision to suspend Spikes for just a half of action and pointing the blame at Mike Slive.

-- Jeremy Fowler has the potential background for the Brandon Spikes' eye gouge.

-- Low also thinks putting the blame for Georgia's woes on Joe Cox's shoulders is unfair.

-- Think those black helmets were bad? What if UGA had run onto the field wearing throwback "Georgia Wildcats" uniforms? T Kyle King provides some context on a notable day in Georgia history.

-- One "Lunatic" Georgia fan provides some very lucid insight into the problems of the Georgia defense.

-- It sounds like Caleb King will get the start this week, and The Senator is a little upset about it... probably not for the reason you might think.

-- The Grit Tree is among the many fans unhappy that Joe Cox will be under center again this week and looks deeper at the Cox-Aaron Murray debate.

-- Did you see Syracuse's best player quit the team? I'm actually happy about this. I'm glad Doug Marrone is laying down the law after Greg Robinson let that program fall apart from the inside out.

-- A "Lost" star will have a guest gig on "Law & Order: SVU."

-- A familiar face will be returning to "24" this year.

-- Ever wonder what the odds are that a meteor will actually hit the Earth? It's about the same odds of Morgan Freeman becoming president or Bruce Willis becoming an astronaut

-- Finally, a real explanation for the career of Keanu Reeves. "I am an EFF-BEE-EYE AGENT!"

-- The most inexplicable thing about me is that I don't watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Makes no sense. Everyone tells me I'm dumb. I'll go get the DVDs sometime after football season and catch up, I promise. I did this with "The Wire" and I still beat myself up about not watching it right off the bat. Anyway, a treat for those of you who do watch "Sunny"... a montage of all of Charlie's dance moves.

-- And finally, the answer to yesterday's trivia question...

First off, here were my 10 favorite guesses:

10. Debbie Gibson -- Sadly, no. But she was my first true love.

9. ZZ Top -- I'd still like to see ZZ Top. Interesting fact about ZZ Top: The two guitar players are notorious for their long beards. The drummer, however, is completely clean shaven. His name? Frank Beard.

8. Loverboy -- Nah, no Canadians.

7. Enuff Z Nuff -- Actually, I have seen Enuff Z Nuff in concert. They were the opener in a show that featured Quiet Riot, Warrant and Poison. A lot of aging '80s groupies went topless. It was interesting to say the least.

6. Blue Oyster Cult -- Nope, but that reminds me... I got a fevah!

5. Firehouse -- Nope, but when I lived in California, my roommate had a penchant for blaring '80s music very loud at 3 a.m. while playing beer pong in the garage, and Firehouse's "Love of a Lifetime" was a favorite. Well, not for the neighbors.

4. Parliament Funkadelic -- Nope, but I may watch "PCU" tonight.

3. Red Buttons -- Hilarious.

2. Strawberry Alarm Clock -- I'll admit, I had to Google them.

1. Kenny Rogers with special guests Paul Anka and Lee Greenwood -- Now, THAT'S a concert. And what more can you say about Kenny? The man makes a good bird. (And after finding that video, I spent about another 45 minutes watching other clips.)

But no one guessed the correct answer, which was.... Ah, just watch this.


John P said...

Neil Diamond :-DDDDDDDDDD

Army Dawg said...

If my memory is correct (and I wouldn't bank on it being 100%) but I think the play in the Orlando paper was a play where the whistles stopped the play because of a motion penalty on Georgia. If you watch the replay you will see Spikes come through the line and put a pretty good 'smack' on Ealey which led to a little pushing and shoving as little #24 didn't back down from the big bad Spikes. I can't believe they are trying to defend that thug and act like eye gouging is part of football. I played football for 13 years (through my first year of college). I never had my eye gouged and I never had stuck my hand in someone's face mask and tried to blind the opposing player.

May not be the best of times for the Dawgs but I'd rather be a dawg with principles than a Gator any day.

Bernie said...

Forever in Blue Jeans...sweet! The life of a rock star...

As far as the provocation for the eye-gouge...puhleeze! AYFKM?

If that's the case Spikes needs to pull his string.

Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond?????? Somebody take away his "man card".

Randall said...

Don't worry Spikes is a thug. Once he has some cash in his pocket he will make the escapades of the Vick brothers look like child's play. They are already saving a bed for him in Leavenworth.

Loved the Lunatic link.

I bet the Neil Diamond show was incredible. He is a true entertainer.

Ant123 said...

David, If you could look back and report on something it would really help provide a clearer picture about our defense. In Richts first four years here, what percentages of turnovers in our territory led to fieldgoals, touchowns, or nothing. Then do the same then for the last 3 years and compare. Thank you.

John P said...

I like the Point Break quotes too. "Utah....get me two!"

Anonymous said...

8. Loverboy -- Nah, no Canadians.

Agree on Loverboy. But Canadian Kim Mitchell rocked in those days.

Anonymous said...

Always Sunny is simply the most funny show on TV right now. I love The Office, Simpsons, South Park, and Curb (and 30 rock is pretty good usually), but Sunny is simply the best. It's like an updated and more demented version of Seinfeld. It's pure unadulterated comedy gold. You'll be hooked once you finally watch it. Everyone I have ever introduced to it loves it and is hooked on it.

Michael A said...

Diamond was seriously my second guess. That happened to be my first concert as well. My mom was a big fan. I was 8 or 9. All I remember is thinking that my eardrums were about to explode.