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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Links (1/26)

I got an email yesterday from the president of the Colorado contingent of the Bulldog Nation, pointing me in the direction of their group's blog that covers all things related to the UGA-CU game this coming season. If you're planning on (or thinking about) making the trip, it might be a good place to start.

And since I didn't have much else to write about this morning, here's how I'd rank 2010's road trips...

6.) Jacksonville. This trip annoys me more every year.

5.) Starkvegas. Thus fulfilling a lifetime dream.

4.) South Carolina. At least it's a short drive. Of course, the last time I went, it didn't go well.

3.) Auburn. All things considered, I think Jordan-Hare is my favorite stadium in the SEC outside of Athens.

2.) Kentucky. It has been three years since I've been to Keeneland to gamble on the ponies. I cannot wait.

1.) Colorado. The last time I was in Denver, I was awake for the first 36 hours of the trip. I'm hopeful this visit goes a bit smoother.

OK, how about some links?

-- Da'Rick Rogers isn't ditching Georgia just yet, but he's not exactly ruling it out either.

-- Nickell Robey, on the other hand, sounds like he's all but gone.

-- Mr. SEC compares the quality of the commitments so far at each SEC school.

-- Chris Low looks at the recruiting needs of teams in the SEC East and includes one I mentioned earlier today for Georgia.

-- The Grit Tree has a great piece on what it's like to be a hot commodity on the recruiting trail when you've never experienced much of the spotlight before.

-- Marc Weiszer writes that Georgia's defensive backs remain a confident group despite a lack of experience.

-- Geno Atkins is turning heads at Senior Bowl practice.

-- Leather Helmet Blog has a good interview posted with Georgia walk-on Reuben Faloughi, who says he's likely going to be making a position change. (Side note -- I think he's another guy who might fit really well in the 3-4.)

-- Red, Black and Three Sheets to the Wind uses Terrence Cody's Senior Bowl weigh-in as evidence that "strength and conditioning" is a relative thing. Of course, Cody isn't alone among former Alabama players who could use a Bro (or Manzier, if you prefer).

-- Ah, ESPN's Rumor Central... where an innocuous opinion on an unrelated story shared by one local beat writer in a far-away town must obviously mean Mark Richt will soon be out of a job.

-- Sundiata Gaines was inked to a deal through the end of the season by the Utah Jazz.

-- has it updated mock drafts posted and two UGA stars make the first-round cut for the 2011 draft. (h/t Stephen Hartzell)

-- Hoop Dawgs takes a look at a guy who could add some serious punch to Mark Fox's crew next season.

-- Travis Leslie was named the SEC's player of the week after his big game against Tennessee, and Battle Hymn Notes pays tribute to Leslie's fine efforts.

-- T Kyle King warns hoops fans not to get too far ahead of themselves in predicting big things for this year's Dawgs.

-- A Web site honoring the nation's best fans has named Peanut Butter Kid their fan of the month.

-- Signs your story may be in trouble: 1.) You called a high-level executive to ask about a rumor that was utterly unsubstantiated. 2.) You were told it was "ridiculous" and that is the only quote you have on the record from anyone. 3.) You felt the need to use the word "quote" in addition to using quotation marks. 4.) You spelled about a dozen words wrong. But yeah, I'm sure baseball is coming to Orlando real soon.

-- This YouTube clip allows you to watch the entire flight 815 crash from "Lost" in real time. (h/t Mike T.) I'm going to predict that within nine months of the show ending, someone with way too much time on their hands will recreate the entire show in chronological order.

-- "How I Met Your Mother" has been renewed for a sixth season and the creators have another show in the works, too.

-- I can only assume rehab didn't go very well for Steven Tyler.

-- And finally, I meant to post this link the other day, but it managed to escape me. Dawgs for Haiti is collecting funds for the relief efforts in Haiti. You can find information on how to make a donation HERE.


Kathleen said...

Thanks for the road trip rankings! I agree about Jacksonville.. When I was paring down the list of road games to go to that was the first date I crossed off the list.

10 1/2 weeks until GDay!

Anonymous said...

David, might not be a bad thing that you don't have DirecTV any longer. In my opinion, Friday Night Lights is coming very close to jumping the shark.

We had a blast in Tempe and will probably go to Colorado next year, thanks for posting that link.

Scott said...

FWIW, UGASports reporting that Robey said this morning that he is "still committed" to UGA.

Take that for what it's worth...most recruits, they keep saying that word, "committed"...I do not think it means what they think it means.

Kathleen said...

"Still committed" is like when people say they are "technically" a virgin.

I'm not one to pick on players, but if Cody's NFL career doesn't work out, it seems he'll have a future endorsing the Mansierre... or Bro....

Kathleen said...

Sorry - I didn't even read the Bro comment in the original post! Lame, I know...

Anonymous said...

Thanks David - did you forget Trinton Sturdivant in those O-line rankings? I thought he was pretty highly recruited as well as Cordy Glenn.

John said...

-- Signs you're blog post may be in trouble: 1) an inappropriate contraction.

Just yanking your chain, Hale.

"Your" the best!

NCT said...

Awake the first 36 hours ... Too much snow in the Rockies? Just kiddin, brah!

Anonymous said...

I went back and re-read your post RE USCe '08. It's crazy to read about the talent at the skill positions we had on that team, yet the problems that surfaced in that game held the team down all year. Will we ever see that combination of talent at the skill positions again? Those guys were fun to watch; too bad they could never win a championship.

hupedwag said...

A 2011 NBA mock draft in January 2010??????

Anonymous said...

Send Peanut Butter Boy to Tech. Good Grief.

Anonymous said...

Other schools may have done this, but I saw this Outside the Lines piece about Auburn installing a quick-response text-message system in the stadium so fans could alert security of things going on in the stands. Anything like that on the horizen at Sanford?

Anonymous said...

The Chris Low piece on recruiting highlights one veddy interesting factoid about UGA's SEC East competitors next season (with the apparent and notable exception of Florida): they will all be breaking in a bunch of newbies on their respective offensive lines. E.g.,

Kentucky - lost four out of five of their bowl game O Line starters;

Tennessee - "frighteningly thin" on the O Line; the "veteran" next year will have 1-year's starting experience and is a former TE;

S. Carolina - a "priority" for Cackalacky; its O Line has been "the root of South Carolina’s offensive struggles under Steve Spurrier";

Vandy - losing 3 senior starters and sorely lacking depth.

I understand that we will have questions of our own on the D Line next year. Still, I get a tingle up my leg thinking that Coach Grantham's 3-4 blitz attack could really have an impact against these relatively inexperienced O Lines. At any rate, it may help to level the field while our D gets up to speed on the new scheme.

New Junkyard Dawgs, baby...

Josh said...

Also check out this website, the home of the Denver UGA alumni association.

Robert said...

Ive been to most of the SEC stadiums and Bryant-Denny > Jordan-Hare. Plus, Tuscaloosa is a much, MUCH better town than Auburn.

HookEm SicEm said...


Have read your blog hundreds of times and commented once or twice -- just compliments. This time, a little constructive criticism: Maybe reconsider linking to some of the AJC stir-the-pot BS articles.

They are much like the "four parts sensationalism, half part journalism" that outlets like ESPN rumors and footballrumormill produce.

I happen to agree with you that garbage like that is just about worthless. And these last two AJC links are dangerously close to being part of that group. I would point out specific examples within both articles that leave them short of being worth a d*mn, but I think you already get it.

David Hale said...

Fair points, Hook Em, and I don't necessarily disagree with you. On occasion, I link to stuff merely to point out their absurdity -- as in the case with the "ESPN Rumors" story. On the recruiting stuff though, the bottom line is that the AJC is the lone free outlet providing recruiting content specific to UGA, so I don't have many other resources.

In the future though, I'll try to do a better job of at least noting in the link where the link will be taking you, and then you can make up your mind whether it's an outlet you wish to patronize or not.

Thanks for the feedback!

HookEm SicEm said...


Fair enough. That's true about the recruiting coverage. The AJC's UGA coverage -- in general -- seems to be easing away from journalism and towards sensationalism. Too many examples to even bother...and you know even better than I do. Sadly, it's not just the AJC.

Anyway, I wasn't really taking issue with the fact that you linked them. I was just surprised not to see any irony or disclaimer to go with the links, given all you've said about sports journalism and the sensationalism of certain sources.

I respect and enjoy your work. Keep it up and good luck.