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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fifth Time's the Charm?

UPDATE: Georgia has hired Todd Grantham to be its new defensive coordinator.

The school will have a teleconference with Grantham and Mark Richt at 5:15 today.

I'll have updates here as we get them and, of course, all the quotes from today's teleconference.


I don't know how many "offers" have been made in this search, but I do know that each time the rumor mill has spun off its axis, it's been incredibly inconvenient for me. Isn't that always the way?

Anyway, here's the latest: Rivals reports (without sources) that Todd Grantham has accepted the job as Georgia's new defensive coordinator.

As yet, I haven't confirmed that, but I can't say it would surprise me.

Tim Tucker has a good run down of the story HERE.

Marc Weiszer tells you about all you need to know on why this is going to be tough to confirm.

I'll post more updates as soon as I get them.


Travis said...

This whole time I have been wondering if there were some type of sanctions in place not allowing the dawgs to talk to Grantham until after the Cowboys season was over. Of course if he has accepted, then i'm totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the real deal with Grantham being fired from the Browns? I did a little goggling around and saw a couple of different stories, one of which involved some issues with players.

Anonymous said...

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Andy said...

Anon 9:03- I have the same question. He definitely seemed to leave under unusual circumstances, considering they had just given him a contract extension. I am not worried though. I seriously doubt Richt would hire someone too difficult, or whose character didn't check out.

EastCobbDawg said...

If the deal is done, but can't be announced until after the Cowboys game,it would make sense to leak the information so there can be some clarity given the recruiting weekend upcoming. Will be interesting to hear what the staff are telling the visitors.

Dienhart says it's signed. I sure hope so. Jerry Jones could make things difficult if he decided to try to keep him at the last second.

FN said...

The first 3 articles here give some decent background on his firing:

I have the pleasure of being a browns fan and here's my take on what happened.

-Grantham did well with some very shaky defensive personnel
-this got him an extension and fuels rumors that he will take over as head coach
-Grantham clashes with Romeo Crennel and some of the veterans (why? Crennel is well know as an nfl "players coach". Coddling to the extreme. Grantham is way on the other end. In-your-face, demanding, hyperactive)
-players complain he's too mean, Crennel is threatend, Grantham fired

I'd place little stock in what happened in Cleveland.

Haven't heard of any problems in dallas.

T-Lud said...

The year Grantham was canned from the Browns, they went 10-6, just missing the playoffs, but they were ranked 30th out of 32 in total defense. Not sure about personality issues, but I think Romeo needed a scapegoat for not making the playoffs. Interestingly, the Browns went 4-12 the next year without Grantham, and Romeo lost his own job. That slide is largely attributed to injuries on offense, though.

ovum said...

Anon said: "Does anyone know the real deal with Grantham being fired from the Browns?".

He was fired after the 2007 season because the Brown's defense ranked 25th against the pass, 27th against the run, and 30th in total-yards-against among 32 teams.

Michael A said...

Well Rivals was dead on about Cutcliffe going to Tennessee and Pollack has never been wrong about this kind of thing before, so I'd say that just about settles it.

Kelly said...

TG is uga new DC. Dallas has already hired Paul Pasqualoni to replace him. TG will finish out the Dallas season, but PP will be in the box this Sunday.

Bernie said...

I've heard another reason Grantham was fired was because his defensive philosophy (blitzes and stunts to pressure the QB) didn't match the read/react style Crennel/others desired.

If so, this points to a dramatic shift in scheme for 10-11.

RaleighDawg said...

I am now a fan of twitter, love the live updates from Hale! Can't wait until 5:15 for it to be officially over!!

Sam said...

Looks like a hurried press release. UGA says the Cowboys had 42 sacks per game, which is pretty good. I'm looking forward to that kind of production.

Dawgy said...


Just curious what do you think Todd Grantham's incentive is to leave pro football after 11 years and return to the college game as an assistent?

UGA69Dawg said...

Something was said about the NFL changing the retirement for assistant coaches. Seems that is the reason the Colt's two most senior Assts retired last year only to be brought back as consultants this year. The consultants call the O and the D. The same article said you could look for more NFL asst's to return to the college ranks.

Anonymous said...

David...all I want to know is when does he start? Isn't the super bowl after signing day???

Anonymous said...

Fourth time ;) does indeed seem to be the charm.

The Real Texas Dawg said...

Why would Grantham leave the NFL???

1) Tripling your salary will do it every time

2) Collective bargaining for the NFL is just around the corner - 2011 season, by all accounts, will not occur. He just locked-up a 3 year contract that will carry thru 2013; ie: he gets paid for 3 v. 1.

3) Oh is UGA and his summer home is at Lake Oconee.