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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Links (1/19)

Georgia has one more coaching vacancy to fill.

I have tickets to a show in Charlotte on Thursday.

I think we now know exactly when that last coach will be hired.

Ah, fun times.

Anyway, I have a lot of stuff planned for the blog over the next two weeks or so, but I'm still a little short on time to put it all together. So, if we're a little lighter on posts than usual, it's not because I'm not working on stuff, I promise.

In the meantime, how about some links?

-- Here's my story from today's Telegraph on the hiring of Scott Lakatos.

-- The AJC has the full resume for Georgia's new defensive backs coach.

-- A lot of you have been asking about how the Bulldogs' personnel will fit in Todd Grantham's new 3-4 defense. Dawg Bark has a pretty good rundown of the situation and how it might shake out. (h/t Matthew P.)

-- Meanwhile, the Dawg's View does a nice breakdown of the overall scheme that Grantham runs.

-- And for even more on scheme, this story in the Rocky Mountain News from a year ago talks to a coach about what goes into transitioning from a 4-3 to a 3-4 (h/t GTP).

-- The Senator has a great bit of insight into how the 3-4 is going to change things on the recruiting trail... for Georgia Tech.

-- UGA Blog takes a more general approach and looks at Grantham's style rather than just the scheme.

-- The Bulldog in Exile gives his take on the AJC's take of the new DC hire.

-- Chris Low lists his SEC players of the decade, with a Georgia guy coming in at No. 4.

-- If you only watch one YouTube clip today, make it this montage of Sundiata Gaines' introduction into the NBA. Just great stuff. (h/t Brad B.)

-- Bleacher Report counts down the 10 best Georgia basketball players of the 2000s -- and Gaines has a nice spot on that list, too.

-- TotalFilm counts down the 29 worst miscastings in movie history. (Note: Um, is Ralph Fienes really what kept "Maid in Manhattan" from being a good movie?)

-- Did you know that Ozzy Osbourne guest starred on "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"? The trailer is fantastic.

-- Sad news for one of the best secondary characters on "Friday Night Lights."

-- "Glee" fans should be even more, um, gleeful... Neil Patrick Harris could be doing an episode of the show in May.

-- Want to see something strange? Check out Conan's announcement and Jay's announcement about the "Tonight Show" changes way back in 2004.

-- And finally, The Onion has a great synopsis of what will happen in the final season of "Lost."


Anonymous said...

David - am I missing something? Who do you think might be hired?

Travis said...

the last position - is that a defensive staff job, or special teams?

Anonymous said...

You guys will have to wait until David is scheduled to be off to see.

David Hale said...

Anon -- Just kidding around because every time I've tried to get away for a night is when things have happened on the coaching hires (had hockey tickets the night all the Smart stuff broke, was en route to Birmingham when the Grantham stuff was confirmed and was planning an off day when Lakatos was hired.)

Travis -- I think there's a good chance that it's another LBs coach (possibly Grantham's brother, who is OLBs coach at Navy) but I don't think it's been settled yet.

Randall said...

What show David? Anyone I should be listening to?

David Hale said...

Actually going to see Jerry Seinfeld at Ovens in Charlotte. Sadly, my concert-going has been way down of late. Although I'm hitting Jazz Fest this year in New Orleans, so I'm looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

"So, if we're a little lighter on posts than usual, it's not because I'm not working on stuff, I promise."

Yes David, you are so lazy, which is why you only write 6 columns a day. Such a sloth.

Anonymous said...

David - Alice In Chains will be here in Charlotte on March 2nd. Saw them in Atl a few years back.

David Hale said...

Still a good show even without Lane Staley?

opsomath said...

Ovens is cursed. I had Ben Folds tickets for my b-day the night of that freak snowstorm that shut down a good part of NE Georgia.

Ginny said...

I really liked the personnel article that Dawg Bark did. The most encouraging thing I read there was that Kiante Tripp might finally find a home this year. I have always felt so sorry for that kid he is such a talented athlete only to be shuffled around so much.

Erk Russell's sister-in-law's brother said...

I cannot find the date for the spring game anywhere? Does anyone have this info.?

John P said...

It was a great show!!!

William Duvall is the new singer and Atl is his hometown so they did it up right.

Played 8-10 songs to start the show, then had about a 10 song acoustic set with a video montage of Layne Staley, and then ended it with another 10 songs back in their original set. Man in the Box was the last song they played and they had a two song encore with Rooster and Would. I was 6 ft from Jerry Cantrell. I almost cried.