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Friday, January 15, 2010

High Fives for The Todd

No huge details yet on Georgia's hiring of Todd Grantham -- aside from it being a three-year deal at $750k per -- but be sure to follow me on Twitter where I'll post live updates during today's teleconference.

And in the meantime... high fives to Mark Richt for finally landing "The Todd."

UPDATE: According to ESPN, Grantham will finish out the season with the Cowboys... however long that goes.


JP said...

haha, thanks for that

Josh said...

Paying a guy like this 750K with a 3 year contract is crazy. The SEC has lost its mind when it comes to coordinator pay.

Anonymous said...

Josh, what a ridiculous comment, it is a market, you pay what the price is. Gas at $4 a gallon seems nuts, but if conditions warrant, you pay it or walk. Better check and see what other programs at the top pay. Baby Kiffin paid his dad $1.2MM. UGA can sit back and buy a cheaper cut, but you will get the leftovers. Is that really what you want? Or did the "guy like this" reflect an opinion (which is likely uninformed.) I woud rather pay CTG $750 than Kirby $750, but that is another point of debate.

Bulldog in Exile said...

Mad props on the Scrubs reference.