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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Links (1/20)

Happy Inauguration Day to everyone. Here are some links you can believe in...

-- Fans have finally gotten Dennis Felton out of town... but he'll be back after the inauguration.

-- OK, I get that there are some concerns about what kind of a pro Matthew Stafford will be, but this guy just doesn't know what he's talking about. First off, Stafford has excellent mobility. The fact that he was ONLY sacked 17 times was a testament to that. Secondly, I've never heard anyone call Stafford's weight an issue. If that's the case, Ben Roethlisberger needs to get on Jenny Craig ASAP. It seems to me that a great deal of the criticism of Stafford among the so-called draft experts is simply anecdotal evidence passed down from one person who has never seen him play to another. I'd be worried about Stafford's accuracy and footwork if I were a scout, but anyone who's criticizing his work ethic clearly doesn't know the guy at all.

-- Bleacher Report actually has a bit better analysis of Stafford and Moreno and gives 24 reasons to be happy you're a Bulldog.

-- The Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer takes stock of all the SEC's NFL defections.

-- Well, looks like there's a change the Willie Martinez haters might get their wish. If Miami loses its D-coordinator to Okie State, Willie's at the top of Randy Shannon's wishlist.

-- Three players from Georgia -- including two Bulldogs commits -- made the list of Parade All-Americans.

-- The Capital One Bowl earned some big ratings, but that won't mean improvements at the Citrus Bowl.

-- Lane Kiffin sure isn't worried about making any friends around the SEC. Funny, you wouldn't have thought he could make Al Davis look good so quickly. I really hope something he's done this offseason warrants a subpeona during SEC Media Days.

-- Coaches are bolting from South Carolina faster than Dondrial Pinkins could make a computer disappear. (That joke was dedicated to all the South Georgia Wildcats fans who suffered through the Donnie Davis era. Spiking it on fourth down really was the right call.)

-- Speaking of coaching staffs, have you noticed how many former head coaches are now assistants in the SEC? John L Smith, Ed Orgeron and Ted Roof were the notable additions this year, but this is just another great reminder of just how good this conference is.

-- Syracuse got killed by Pitt on Big Monday, as you may have seen. I'm super impressed with Pitt, but I'm holding out some hope for my Orange hoops team, because this interview with new football coach (and former Bulldogs assistant) Doug Marrone didn't exactly inspire me. But at least he knows where to get good cheesecake in NYC.

-- The Gym Dawgs edged out a big win over No. 3 Utah.

-- Kerry Wood gives Cubs fans the Knowshon treatment. We'll miss you, too, Kerry.

-- Deadspin catches us up with Brenda Warner. I'm so disappointed she grew her hair out because I used to love telling people that she used to play the mom on Webster.

-- And I hope this makes my editor proud to be a Clemson alumnus.

-- New "Lost" tomorrow! I can't wait. Here's a story on the guy whose job it is to keep track of all the little details and timelines on the show.


Anonymous said...

No one doubts Stafford has ability but his decision making is suspect. Being drafted by Detroit will not help as he will be constantly under pressure from the opposing defense so he will be forced to have to make quick decisions. The odds are against him. Being bored with college is not the same as being ready for the NFL. His inconsistency along with the superior talent in the NFL could easily lead to a rough time. However, I hope he does well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the work you do. You are great. Dr. Thomas Johnson UGA Class of '74

Muckbeast said...

David, my comment seems to have disappeared.

You mentioned Bulldog forums you like to read. Care you suggest some?

I know of many good Bulldog blogs, but I hate trying to DISCUSS anything in a blog comment thread.

What are some of these good forums you speak of?


David Hale said...

I think your comment is under Wednesdays links. My suggestions would be Rivals if you don't mind a pay site or Dawg Run if you're looking for something free. They are probably the two best.