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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Links (1/29)

These links come to you all the way from Gainesville, Fla. -- which I hope to be leaving soon.

Like yesterday, I'll be on the road most of the day today, so don't expect much in the way of posts. Georgia football players are available to media today at 5 p.m., and Doug Stutsman will be covering that for us, so I figure to have some notes from him later on tonight. I'll also have the final installment of the QB quotes from Tuesday posted in a few minutes.

In the meantime, here's some mornin' linkage for ya...

-- As you no doubt are aware, Georgia was spanked yet again -- this time by Florida, the Dawgs seventh straight loss. Up next: Alabama. Georgia Sports Blog has an update on the Tide's coaching situation.

-- ESPN's Chris Low has the spring practice dates for each SEC team.

-- I wish this wasn't a subscription link, because this is an excellent story from Rivals' Anthony Dasher about what it takes to be a walk on at Georgia.

-- In my haste, I missed this the other day, but you should definitely check out Kyle King's Q&A with Georgia congressman Jack Kingston, who voted against honoring Florida for its national championship.

-- The Red & Black has a handful of UGA notes.

-- Dawg Sports also has an in-depth post on Georgia's other early enrollee, Dallas Lee.

-- In other recruiting news, the indomitable Michael Carvell updates us on the latest trends in the Greg Reid carousel. He also writes that Georgia is hoping to steal a WR recruit from the Vols. Even better, the kid is from Philly! Man, I'd be super excited to have a Philly guy to talk to next year. Unless he thinks Geno's is better than Pat's. Then, he's dead to me.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blog whets your appetite for next week's National Signing Day.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker has a good piece on the rehab efforts of Trinton Sturdivant and Jeff Owens. I think it's hard to understate the impact the two of them could have on next year's Georgia team if they are both 100 percent healthy.

-- The AP talks with former Bulldog Charley Trippi, who was the last Cardinals QB to lead the team to a title shot before Kurt Warner got them there this year.

-- Paul Finebaum writes what most SEC coaches are already thinking: The SEC hates Lane Kiffin.

-- OK, I'm officially immensely jealous of 960 the Ref's David Johnston and Dave McMahon, who got to talk to my all-time favorite broadcaster, Harry Kalas. For all of you who hold cherished memories of listening to Larry Munson growing up, my formative years were spent watching Von Hayes, Ricky Jordan and Steve Jeltz on the Phillies. But Harry made every one of those games worth watching. He's the best. And don't even get me started on how great it was when Richie Ashburn used to eat a pizza during the game and force Harry to do all the talking.

-- Of course, I don't mean to downplay their podcast with women's hoops assistant Cameron Newbauer.

-- Bleacher Report has a piece on the immense impact Suzanne Yoculan has had on Georgia gymnastics. They also have a story on A.J. Green -- who they call Georgia's 2009 "Impact Player."

-- Bubba 'N Earl take a look at the former UGA baseball players who will be on MLB rosters this spring.

-- I'll hand it to ESPN's Bill Simmons... he saw this coming a mile away. God help us all.

-- I still haven't seen "Lost" from last night, so no spoilers. But if you're a fan of the show, here's a list of the top 10 "Lost" blogs on the Internet. That's really the great thing about the show, too -- it doesn't end when the episode does. There's about a thousand places to go talk about it and dissect the details.

-- AskMen has a list of the 10 worst movie edits for TV. I always enjoy watching "Major League" on TV because the edits are so hilarious, but my personal favorite is "Do the Right Thing." There's a scene in which the characters are trying to buy D batteries from a Korean grocer who doesn't understand them, but TV edits their more profane response to this: "I said D, mickey fickey! D!" Ah, I've used that line so many times.

-- And speaking of TV, here's some interesting TV-related links for you: It looks like "The A-Team" movie is going to be out next year... Not great news for all of us "Friday Night Lights" fans. Come on people, why aren't you watching?!?!?... and for those of you into both "The Office" and adult entertainment, well this get you excited (That's what she said).

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