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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Links (1/17)

A small bit o' reading for the day...

(NOTE: This batch of links includes English breeding standards, sex problems for a hoops coach, girls in lingerie, and a pole dancing instructor talking football, thus making today our raciest batch of links ever. Consider it a ratings ploy.)

-- Consider this the Butterfly Effect at work: Jon Gruden turns down the Tennessee job. Then Tennessee hires Lane Kiffin. Then Lane convinces his dad, Monte, to quit Gruden's staff in Tampa Bay to become UT's defensive coordinator. Then Raheem Morris gets the D coordinator gig in Tampa before Gruden is fired, and now will be named Bucs head coach. Funny how life works, huh?

-- The British Kennel Club is changing the breeding standards for the English Bulldog, and the Augusta Chronicle lets you know how it might affect future Ugas.

-- I have no clue who this guy is or what makes him a draft expert. I suppose it's his overuse of question marks. Nevertheless, he breaks down the underclassmen in this year's draft. Oddly, he seems to give Asher a more ringing endorsement than Knowshon or Stafford.

-- Billy Gillespie has warned his Kentucky team that Georgia's defense will be far better than what they saw in Tennessee earlier this week when Jodie Meeks dropped 54.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker wonders what Meeks might do against Georgia on Sunday.

-- Apparently his scuffle with a Cincinnati cab driver hasn't been the worst thing to happen to Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy.

-- Speaking of unhappy coaches, things aren't looking good for Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, where his assistants are leaving in droves.

-- The Gym Dogs looked good against LSU on Friday.

-- Remember the Gator girl pole dancer video I linked to the other day? Well, she sat down for an interview because, well, I don't know.

-- As a Cubs fan, I'm not sure if this mathematical analysis of the probability of failing to win a World Series for a century makes me feel better or worse. I think I'm probably confused because I killed all the brain cells I used to pass Finite Math my junior year in college.

-- Five days counting until the new season of "Lost." USA Today gets you caught up.

-- And finally, you can now rest easy: The Lingerie Bowl lives.


Andrew said...

I suppose I should have ended with Asher Allen's down side, right?



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