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Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Links (1/5)

UPDATE: Due to the miracles of modern technology, we've got another sign that today will be CRG's last in Athens. Tennessee's plane is on its way back to Athens now, scheduled to arrive a little before noon. After coming and going yesterday without CRG, you'd have to speculate they've got a reason for being here today. (h/t Linda E.)

UPDATE: The Tenn. flight is no longer headed to Athens. Rumors have CRG staying. We'll know more soon.


Sorry I didn't have many posts over the weekend, but I needed a few days to catch my breath after the Orlando trip -- not that Rodney Garner allowed it to be much of a break. Still no official word on that situation, but Mark Richt is holding a previously scheduled teleconference at 1:30 to discuss end-of-season stuff. I'm sure the questions will all surround CRG, Stafford and Moreno.

While you wait patiently for those answers, here are a few other bits of news...

-- ESPN has a nice piece on UGA recruit Arthur Lynch. Lynch was on hand at the Under Armour game to welcome DB Branden Smith, who also committed to Georgia. During the announcement, which was on live TV, ESPN discussed how the UGA staff showed Smith highlights of Champ Bailey playing both offense and defense for the Dawgs, saying Smith could do the same.

-- I doubt this makes anyone feel better, but the Lakeland Ledger reports that Florida won't be making much money off its national championship game appearance.

-- Todd McShay isn't so sure Matthew Stafford will be the top QB taken anymore. In fact, it's possible he's third behind Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford. I wonder if that might mean Stafford will wait until those two players make a decision before he does.

-- Mark Bradley thinks Stafford is going pro.

-- The Austin American Statesman has a story on former UGA player Will Muschamp, who is now the coach in waiting at Texas but didn't always have it so good.

-- Kyle King asks a crucial question: Should Georgia fans be rooting for Florida in the title game?

-- Michael Adams is still pushing for a playoff.

-- And finally, I'll leave you with this clip of a musical performance from the 1980s of the newest congressman from Minnesota. But hey, it's no worse than when they elected this guy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see him go but there is something wrong with our defense and he is one of the coaches for our defense. Now CWM will have full control of the defense and should be held accountable if things do not improve. I have wondered why our defensive line gets set and does not move no matter what the other team does. Every time the Gators turn around to look at their coaches for the paly I woudl love for our guys to have shifted so as to confuse them.

Anonymous said...

Actually there was a flight plan filed for the plane from Knoxville to Athens but, it was in South Carolina this morning. The tracking site shows it left Anderson, SC headed to Sante Cooper then on to Hilton Head.