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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Links (1/16)

A handful of links to help you kill a Friday afternoon...

-- The AJC wraps up Andy Landers' 800th win as a college coach.

-- 960 the Ref has really lowered their standards for podcast-worthy material. Here's Chris and David's interview with me from Thursday morning. Keep in mind, this was before Reshad proved that both girls and underperforming safeties can always change their minds.

-- Bubba 'n Earl offer 10 things to like about the Bulldogs for 2009.

-- Start warming up your complainin' fingers, cuz here's Bleacher Report's prediction for Georgia's '09 season and their thoughts on Stafford and Moreno's defection.

-- The AJC's Michael Carvell dares to dream of what a UGA secondary with Greg Reid and Branden Smith might look like.

-- Scout has video with Washaun Ealey, who says he's still stoked to become a Bulldog.

-- ESPN's Mark Schlabach adds to the chorus of pundits calling Georgia the biggest loser of the underclassmen flight to the NFL.

-- SI's Stewart Mandel offers a really good column on why the decision period for underclassmen needs to be extended.

-- The Detroit Free Press breaks down the Stafford-vs.-Mark Sanchez debate.

-- Get the Picture does its usual nice job of keeping me just short of jumping over the edge of fully endorsing a playoff.

-- Way to jump on the bandwagon about a decade-and-a-half late, Rick Reilly. Three beer-pong issues I want to address though: 1.) I hate bouncing. There should be no bouncing. 2.) 10-cup games are far superior to 6-cup games. 3.) Only one re-rack per game. It adds some strategy by forcing you to decide when the most opportune time to ask for your re-rack is.

-- One of my favorite writers, Joe Posnanski, pens a nice argument for why Dale Murphy belongs in the Hall of Fame. Also, if you're looking for a good read the next time you are at the book store, I highly recommend Posnanski's "The Soul of Baseball" in which he follows Buck O'Neill for a year. It is an amazing read for any baseball fan.

-- Finally, if you have never watched "Friday Night Lights" before, I am begging you to please do so tonight. For three years, this show has survived bad ratings because it is just so darned good. But it probably won't happen again unless more people start tuning in. I wouldn't lead you astray. This show is not just good. It is GREAT. So, set your DVRs or make sure you are in front of the TV for the NBC premier. You won't regret it.

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