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Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Football Injury News

In case you didn't read the UGA offseason injury report when I posted it earlier this month, it's HERE.

And as you'll remember from yesterday, running back Richard Samuel underwent wrist surgery which will keep him out of spring practice.

Today, we get some more updates from the UGA Athletics Dept.

-- Ricardo Crawford had wrist arthroscopy done Monday of this week. He'll be available for spring with a wrist cast.

-- Josh Davis had left shoulder surgery earlier this month to repair an injury suffered in the Capital One Bowl game. He will miss spring and likely will be limited at beginning of fall drills.

-- Brandon Wood will have left shoulder and left wrist surgery to repair injury suffered in Capital One Bowl. No date set. Out for spring, and likely will be limited at beginning of fall drills.

So by my count, that's 18 players limited or unavailable for spring drills. Seriously, does the carnage ever end? Someone needs to give Ron Courson a raise.


Anonymous said...

A raise or a demotion? Does there come a point where someone is held accountable for the extreme number of injuries?

Anonymous said...

David, do the players do any sort of stretching/injury-preventative body maintenance during the off-season or between games? Seems like maybe they should given the number of injuries.