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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Links (1/22)

I'm still processing everything that happened on last night's "Lost," which was a lot. It was cool to have an episode with such a drastically different format than past episodes, but it also made it tough to completely follow what the heck was going on. If you're a fan and are interested in discussing the show, I highly recommend USA Today's Pop Candy blog, which has a great Lost discussion thread after each episode.

While Lost offered up some answers last night, I'm hoping to get a few from the UGA football team today, too. Players are available this afternoon, and I'll have some notes up on the blog at some point around 5 or 6 p.m.

In the meantime, some links...

-- Okie State set its ticket policy for the 2009 season, and UGA is considered a "premium game."

-- In my last post, I mentioned Georgia and LSU's remarkable non-conference record in the last eight years. But what makes this even more impressive: While UGA and LSU have played some big-time opponents, the Gators, on the other hand, haven't left the state of Florida for a non-conference game since 1991.

-- Bubba 'N Earl look at the future prospects of running back recruit Washaun Ealey.

-- Two more top recruits are nearing decisions. TotalUGA has the inside word on which direction Reid is leaning (subscription required).

-- This is a shame, and you have to hope it doesn't hurt Mo Mass's draft stock.

-- Chip Towers gives us an update on the status of Matthew Stafford, and also adds a funny, yet completely appropriate, story about his most recent encounter with Willie Martinez.

-- Is a former NBA coach interested in the head job at UGA should Dennis Felton get the boot?

-- The Red & Black thinks Felton isn't looking like a safe bet beyond March.

-- The Lady Dawgs have a tough task ahead of them.

-- Don Sutton could be returning to the Braves' broadcast booth in 2009.

-- Sad to see this, but the tough economic times could hit UGA hard in 2010.

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