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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Links

From Rivals, Richt discusses the search for Brandon Coutu's replacement. NOTE: Subscription required.

UGA slipped in the polls -- well, the Princeton Review's poll of top party schools , that is -- from fifth to seventh. Georgia did finish No. 5 in best school newspaper though, which proves my theory that newspaper writers know how to party. Oh, and which party school was No. 1? Yup, those Gators down in Florida. Looks like there's more than one rivalry to deal with this football season.

Georgia Sports Blog has 2008 UGA schedule t-shirts for sale.

More from Georgia Sports Blog on recruiting , the new clock rules , and a hairstyle that's sweeping the nation.

And finally, a Georgia city earns ESPN's pointless summer series championship, "Titletown: USA." But the real question is, just how NOW! is Valdosta? Perhaps ESPN can assemble two celebrities and a journalist who used to have credebility to discuss.

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