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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Should He Stay or Should He Go

About five minutes passed after this year's NFL draft before people started talking about who would go No. 1 next year, and one of the names mentioned most often was Georgia's QB, Matt Stafford.

While most Bulldogs fans would love to see their quarterback go first in the draft, they'd probably prefer that happens in 2010, rather than next year. Head coach Mark Richt is no different.

"I hope that he is the first pick of the draft -- two years from now," Richt said. "I m sure Matthew is going to have to make a tough decision when the season is over, but I know he came to win a lot of games, he came to win championships, he came to play great as a collegian. I know he doesn t feel he s reached his full potential as a college player and as a Georgia Bulldog. So this is just an exciting time for him. He s in the best condition of his life. He s ready to have a great experience, and that s what we re hoping for.


BCS-Sucks said...

Interesting quote, David. Just curious... where and when did Richt say this?

David Hale said...

Richt met with UGA beat writers prior to his conference with the general media this morning. I'll have a few more of his comments posted later today.

Jamar said...


I heard that in his first meeting with beat writers he addressed disciplinary situations for Sturdivant and Justin Anderson. What are their penalties going to be, if any? Multiple game suspensions or just one suspension?