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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoes to Fill

Two big questions surrounding the defending national champs will be about replacing their starting QB and their star D-lineman. LSU Head Coach Les Miles feels pretty good about both positions though:

On replacing DL Glenn Dorsey:

He was not only a very talented man but was really one of the very strongest defensive leaders that we had. He was a guy that, bumped or bruised or not, he was coming to play. ... I don t know that that piece of Glenn Doreey will be replaced. He was exceptional that way. But I think our front is awfully talented and, as a group, they may well play as well statistically as that group a year ago."

On replacing QB Matt Flynn after dismissing presumptive starter Ryan Perrilloux:

First of all, any time you get rid of a student athlete, it's not something that you enjoy. You don t look at the postitves. I wish (Perrilloux) the best and hope he takes this lesson and goes on. But I like our quarterbacks and felt like we ve had the entire spring for these guys that will be our quarterbacks and it's to our advantage that the entire spring was played by the guys that will be playing in the fall.

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