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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Richt from Columbus

I caught up with Mark Richt in Columbus today, though I wouldn't characterize the interview as very productive. Richt's flight arrived a half hour late and he was only able to spend about 15 total minutes with the media, which included several TV interviews.

More than the lack of time, however, Richt looked exhausted. He checked his cell phone a few times while answering the TV reporters' questions (although, I'm certain he no longer requires full attention when answering "How do you handle the preseason expectations?") and seemed to get a bit off track in his responses -- more so than usual.

This is Day 2 in a row of Bulldog Club meetings for him, and since I've been basically living out of the trunk of my car for the past week, too, I can empathize with his lack of excitement for another round of questions.

In any case, this is all a long way of saying there wasn't much information garnered from the interview.

Here's what he did say:

-- He recounted the first time someone asked him to autograph their shoe (that was the highlight).

-- He discussed dealing with preseason expectations for the 1,987,865th time.

-- He said Knowshon would get between 15 and 25 carries per game, minimum.

-- He said Caleb King had the inside track on the #2 RB job, but the competition would be open during preseason.

-- He named three guys people aren't talking about who might have big years: DE Justin Houston, K Drew Butler, and RB Carlton Thomas.

(Side note: Given the opponents, what are the odds Moreno isn't leading Georgia in rushing yards after the first two weeks? There's a ton of talent in that backfield. It'll be interesting to see what they do with what could be two mop-up jobs in the second half.)

And finally, asked about the attention he's received and excitement he's seen the past few weeks, here's what Richt had to say:

(David) Greene and (David) Pollack s senior year was as close as it s come here at Georgia. There was a lot of years where Florida State was ranked there, but I don t know if there s anything more intense than what the Georgia fans have been able to produce as far as excitement.


1 comment:

Randy said...

I'm not so certain that the 2nd half of the 2nd game will be "mop-up."
Central Michigan may give us fits if we're looking ahead to Columbia.