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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Links

With a week still to go before practice kicks off, I'm not sure exactly how many posts I'll have this week. I'll continue to link to various UGA-related articles every day, and I'll be talking with Mark Richt on Tuesday and have some info for you from that as well. I'm also hoping to start a weekly (or at least, semi-weekly) feature catching up with former Bulldogs, and I should have one of those for this week, too.

If any of you have some thoughts on other things to add to the blog (whether for this week or in the future) let me know.

On to today's links...

OK, if someone wants to explain this post from/about Thomas Brown on Bleacher Report, I'm all ears. For something a bit more informative, here's a story from the Gainesville Times on how Brown is fitting in with the Falcons.

Don't expect me to link to Auburn blogs often, but this is a really good post on what the SEC might look like in 25 years. So, what surprises do you see in store for us when the league turns 100?

The Charleston Post and Courier reports that South Carolina has the inside track on three recruits out of Georgia. gives us more on my boy Dicky Lyons Jr. You know, before I moved here from Lexington, I said there wouldn't be a lot I was going to miss from Kentucky. Well, now my list is: Fridays at Keeneland, Pazzos Pizza, convenient access to bourbon and Dicky Lyons Jr.

The Arizona Republic's Amy Brittain writes about Georgia's September trip to Phoenix. I've really got to start hitting the gym... only 54 days left for me to get in shape.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has five questions for WR Kenneth Harris, which includes plenty of discussion about the crowded depth chart at receiver for UGA this year. I think the WR position might be the most interesting on the roster as we head into camp. There's a lot of talent there, but not a clear-cut, go-to guy. Clearly Knowshon will be the offensive focal point, but I think the WRs will be the difference between a very good offense and a potentially great one.

Question for the readers: Which member of the Bulldogs' receiving corps will have the best year?


7Dawg said...

Hey David - great stuff and really appreciate your jumping into things the way you have. One of the biggest things that Ching used to do that i had never seen before on a beat writer's blog is that he used to post entire interviews during the week that didn't make it into his stories. So if/when he talked to coach richt or a player during the week, he would post the entire q&a and it was extremely informational especially for us idiots who follow this stuff as closely as we do.

i hate to make a comparison and say something like "well this is what ching used to do" and i certainly hope you don't take offense as i mean no offense. as i said, i really appreciate the information and humor you've put into this and look forward to reading your stuff throughout the season(s). thanks...

Jay said...

I like everything about Kenneth Harris' five questions except the last about goals. He should take a page out of Dicky Lyons approach. Dicky's approach reminds me of Vince Lombardi's statement to the Green Bay team when he took it over, We will pursue perfection and in the process we will catch excellence." One of the greatest goal setting quotes of all time as far as I'm concerned.

The link to the Gainesville story on Thomas Brown doesn't seem to be working.

I really like the way you've started. Very good

David Hale said...

No offense taken at all... I appreciate the input. Like I said, this week will sort of be slow in terms of interviews, but I'll post outtakes of most of the ones I do in the future.

And I think I've got the Thomas Brown link fixed. If it's still not working for you, you can find the article at: