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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Links (7/29)

Yesterday I liked to a post by Rex Robinson in which Rex was less than enthusiastic about the future of Richard Samuel at running back. It met with some mixed reactions from you guys.

I can understand the concerns about Samuel. His running style certainly isn't the typical one, and that's probably not changing.

But I think there are a few important things to remember about Samuel:

-- Last season was his first as a full-time running back.

-- He was just 17 when he arrived at Georgia last season.

-- He never got consistent carries to really develop his game.

-- He hasn't so much as practiced fully since December.

While I certainly wouldn't stake my career on Samuel blossoming into a star tailback, I think it's still way too early to write him off. He's still very young and fairly inexperienced, but in talking to players and coaches, I'm not sure there's anyone that works as hard at preparing to be a great tailback as Samuel does.

OK, now to some other links, which hopefully will stir some more lively debate...

-- A Carver High player who planned to attend Georgia but changed his mind after his QB's scholarship offer was pulled has landed at Clemson. (Edited... sorry for the screwy tease earlier. I didn't get much sleep last night.)

-- There are certainly some question marks facing the Bulldogs this fall, but Mike in Valdosta isn't too concerned and says you shouldn't be either.

-- Georgia Sports Blog links to a truly amazing interview former Bulldog Bill Stanfill did with the Banner-Herald and adds another older tale of Stanfill as well.

-- Courtesy of Get the Picture, here's today's installment of Oklahoma State providing bulletin board material for the opener.

-- The Senator also has some interesting notes from Phil Steele's strength of schedule rankings. Two things I find interesting right off the bat: 1.) Two-thirds of the conference ranks among the top-25 toughest schedules in the country and 2.) There's a good reason why Florida, Alabama and Ole Miss are considered favorites.

-- ESPN's Chris Low has a mostly up-to-date scorecard for recruiting in the SEC this season. Georgia looks good. Kentucky, not so much. Oh, and Lane Kiffin might need to start spouting some more crazy. The Vols only have four ESPN Top 150 players committed. Remember, it's all part of the plan.

-- Fletcher Page continues the Red & Black's roster rundown with Aron White through Marcus Washington.

-- Mohamed Massaquoi has agreed to a deal with the Cleveland Browns.

-- Kentucky Sports Report has a profile of Joe Cox, but you'll need a Scout membership to view.

-- The Gwinnett Daily Post wraps up the festivities from Tuesday's College Football Preview Luncheon with thoughts from Mark Richt and Paul Johnson.

-- Las Vegas has released the betting odds for the NFL's rookie of the year award and Knowshon Moreno opens as the 5/2 favorite.

-- The 2009 Georgia football media guides are now on sale at Sic Em Dawgs if you're interested.

-- Rich Poythress has reached a deal with the Seattle Mariners.

-- A Georgia alum will have photos displayed in the Smithsonian.

-- Apparently I'm causing havoc on the Tampa Bay Lightning blue line. (See second item down, h/t Mike S.)

-- I read that "Lost" won't feature too much more info on the Dharma Initiative in its final season, but ABC is launching a Web series that should fill in all the blanks. (h/t Justin P.)

-- The actor who played Mr. Eko on "Lost" may have a new role in a Marvel movie.

-- And finally, this beats the heck out of my "Catching Up With..." posts. This blog tracks down whatever happened to the cast of "Night Court." (BTW, the "30 Rock" episode last year with Harry, Christine and Mac was by far my favorite of the year.)


Mark said...

Mr. Eko was the best part of Lost.

DW said...

I follow you on twitter, but couldn't figure out how to submit a question for Coach Richt. So, I thought I'd submit one here. With the strength of our Defensive Tackles and Linebackers, is it possible to see a 3-4 alignment at times this year?