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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Links (7/20)

Happy Monday, folks. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. We're just two days away from the start of SEC Media Days, which for me is sort of like college football's version of pitchers and catchers reporting. The action gets started this week, and it will be bowl season before you know it. We'll have tons more material this week, but let's start with some links...

-- In case you didn't read it yesterday, I had an article in the Sunday Telegraph on Georgia's dedication to teaching this offseason. Scroll down a little farther and you'll find a bunch of additional quotes from the story, too.

-- While I mentioned the on-field success of this offseason, DaugMan highlights another reason to smile about how the Dawgs have handled their business.

-- Of course, the biggest story of this offseason has probably been the tremendous job the coaching staff has done on the recruiting trail. Georgia added the nation's No. 2 defensive tackle on Sunday.

-- Garrison Smith's commitment was a pleasant addition, but the surprise was spoiled a bit by a slip-up at Rivals.

-- More from the Sunday Telegraph: Ron Seibel has a story on things various players and coaches around the state would like to see changed in the world of college football.

-- Seems to me there aren't a lot of Jim Donnan fans out there these days, but Bill King puts together a nice list of highlights from Donnan's tenure in Athens.

-- Georgia Sports Blog looks at the matchup Georgia will face with Oklahoma State's offensive line to start the season. Cousin Walter adds some additional thoughts, too.

-- Of course, GSB and Cousin Walter only go so far. Dawg Blogging Under the Influence takes the time to actually tell you everything that's going to happen in the game before it is even played.

-- Here's your chance to ask Mike Gundy about those predictions: The Okie State coach is chatting live on at 5 p.m.

-- Last week I linked to a post over at SEC Rivals that suggested Mark Richt might leave Athens if the going got a little too tough. In this post, T Kyle King retorts with a good bit more (convincing) detail.

-- The Banner-Herald had lots of good coverage of the Countdown to Kickoff event over the weekend, including a nice photo set and an interview with former receiver Fred Gibson.

The AJC's Tim Tucker wonders who could be the next A.J. Green for Georgia. The most likely answer is no one, or more to the point, a combination of several players. And really, the Dawgs don't need another Green, since he's still on the roster. What they need is a replacement for Mohamed Massaquoi, and with so many inexperienced players, Georgia will be hard pressed to find anyone so reliable.

-- ESPN's fantasy analysts don't think Knowshon Moreno is necessarily a very good investment. I'll agree that Moreno seems to be a little overhyped now, but so many people are turning on him as draft days approach that he may actually end up undervalued.

-- Jeff Schultz writes that David Greene should be a somewhat cautionary tale for Matthew Stafford. Frankly, I don't see any comparison between the two, and Chris Burke of NFL Fanhouse couldn't agree more. (And for what it's worth, Greene doesn't see a lot of similarities either.)

-- Regardless, Sports Illustrated says fantasy owners should avoid Stafford.

-- The Gwinnett Daily Post has a column about some Georgia players lending a hand to raise money for a worthy cause.

-- My friend (and fellow Albany alum) Gentry Estes has an interesting post about money spent on recruiting by each SEC school. There's a lot more to come in the next few days, Gentry tells me, including some good stuff with Suzanne Yoculan on how much success the Gym Dogs have enjoyed while spending significantly less than Alabama and Florida on recruiting. Senator Blutarsky adds some of his own opinions on the football side of this story, too.

-- Speaking of the Gym Dogs, they have a new (but not at all surprising) assistant coach.

-- Roger Clarkson catches up with the UGA men's hoops team to see how they've spent their summer.

-- I'm not sure this guy's home owner's insurance covers giant wieners.

-- I wrote about "Cheers" a few weeks ago, and a handful of readers were kind enough to introduce me to former Cheers writer Ken Levine's blog. In Levine's latest post, he gives some background on one of my favorite secondary characters from the show.

-- And finally, my "Lost" link of the day... Here's a list of 15 mysteries the show absolutely has to answer before the show ends. It seems like a pretty complete list to me (off the top of my head at least). The stories involving the numbers and Libby will both bother me immensely if they aren't cleared up. What about you? (UPDATE: Sorry I had forgotten to add the link on this one for some reason. It's fixed now.)

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