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Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Links (7/31)

Only time for a few links today...

-- I did a short interview with SEC Rivals talking about Media Days and the upcoming season for Georgia if you're interested in checking it out.

--'s Page 2 has a Q&A with Matthew Stafford that covers all the important topics from hair care to prosthetic appendages. I must take issue with Stafford's claims about a scooter though. I saw his truck get towed way too many times to believe he was riding a scooter to practice every day.

-- It was just last week that Mark Richt again professed the "it's no big deal" theory about penalties. The stats do back him up --- sort of. But as Georgia Sports Blog points out, it's not so much about how many penalties Georgia got last year, it's about when they happened. I would even add the overturned interception against Florida to Paul's synopsis. That game will be remembered as a blowout, but had that penalty not been called and Blair Walsh made a couple kicks, Georgia had a real chance.

-- The State's Seth Emerson has five questions about Georgia, and to be honest, the last one is getting a little old. The Senator gives one good example of why.

-- Chuck Dowdle will be doing Georgia's postgame interviews this season.

-- Lane Kiffin is doing a little advertising (or maybe some expensive smack talking) in Atlanta.

-- Justin Grimm has pitched well in the Cape Cod league this summer, but can't seem to buy a win.

-- Folks in Georgia's athletics department are being forced to take state-mandated furloughs by the end of the calendar year.

-- E! is reporting that Dominic Monaghan will return to "Lost" for three episodes this season -- whether he's alive or dead, however, is still a mystery.

-- If you're looking for any other "Lost" coverage from Comic-Con, our buddy Scott has a fantastic wrap-up over at my favorite UGA/Lost blog, I'm Thinking 19.

-- And finally, Alan Sepinwall has an update on the "Seinfeld" reunion that will take place on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this year -- including a new photo of the full cast.

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