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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Links (7/15)

Happy Wednesday, folks. Not sure if you all had come across this info anywhere else while I was gone, but I figured I'd pass it along now anyway...

-- SEC Media Days kicks off a week from today. Georgia's appearance will be Thursday, July 23. Joe Cox and Jeff Owens will be the two player reps.

-- The rest of the schedule for Media Days features Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Kentucky on Wednesday, Alabama, Ole Miss and Florida on Thursday and Auburn, South Carolina, LSU and Tennessee on Friday. Way to go, SEC, keeping everyone waiting for the Lane Kiffin Crazy Train to arrive.

-- Players report for fall practice at Georgia on Monday, August 3. The first day of practice will be Tuesday, August 4. They'll practice every day except Sunday after that with the exceptions of August 17 (which is the first day of classes) and August 27. The first day of two-a-days is scheduled for Monday, August 10. All practice dates are subject to change.

So, mark your calendars. We're almost there.

Now, some links...

-- Georgia Sports Blog has some important info regarding the Hartman score cutoffs for seasons tickets.

-- Matt Hayes of the Sporting News ranked his top five best coaches in college football. Mark Bradley took issue with a few of those selections and came up with a top 10 list of his own.

-- T Kyle King chips in with his take on some recent musings on whether Mark Richt will ever win a national championship.

-- Georgia picked up yet another commitment at a position of great need.

-- Marc Weiszer has a story on Rod Battle, who is hoping to finish his career on a high note in 2009.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blawg takes a closer look at his namesake, freshman lineman Chris Burnette.

-- Orrin Hatch serves up the Senator with some material that's right in his wheelhouse.

-- After baseball's midsummer classic last night, ESPN's Chris Low comes up with All-Star teams for the SEC with the East facing off against the West. Georgia is represented pretty well.

-- Bruce Feldman lists 10 players he wants to see in action this year, and no UGA players make the list. (h/t Senator)

-- A man claims he came up with the idea for "Lost" in the 1970s. This sort of reminds me of Hurley writing the script for "Empire Strikes Back" when living with the Dharma Initiative.

-- And more "Lost" news... TV Guide has an interview with the mysterious man in black from last season's finale.

-- And finally, Deadspin has a rundown of all the free stuff the celebs get at the ESPYs this year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I looked at his list and he's listing some off the wall players. Jarboe, Locker, Bryce brown. Im not offended