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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Links (7/16)

Only a handful of links today between player interviews...

-- I'm back to writing stories for the actual paper on a regular basis now, and we start with an update on the progress wide receiver Tavarres King has made this offseason.

-- Macon Dawg looks at all the defensive ends Georgia has landed in its 2010 class so far and says "more, please."

-- I spoke with Rex Robinson yesterday for a "Catching Up With" post that will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, however, Rex has a fun post up on his blog about running backs by committee, which was one of the issues we talked about.

-- Marc Weiszer blogs about the often difficult transition from high school star to SEC stalwart.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker writes that Georgia's season ticket renewal rate is at 97 percent.

-- Tip o' the hat to ESPN's Chris Low, who linked to this site that combines the preseason magazine predictions to try to come up with a consensus opinion.

-- Dr. Saturday points out another, um, less entertaining Web site -- a blog by Dan Shanoff dedicated to Tim Tebow.

-- This is a really interesting piece on ESPN (I know, I'm surprised, too) on the impact of the big-money sports and Title IX on the smaller sports that are far too often disappearing from campuses around the country.

-- And finally, I was sort of excited about the G.I. Joe movie but after reading this post about how completely dreadful it is expected to be (note: the review referenced "Showgirls," which is always a good sign), I absolutely can't wait. The only thing better than a great movie is a truly awful one.

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