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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Few Quick Notes

I'm over at the Butts-Mehre building for football interviews and figured I'd address a few things quickly that have come up...

-- First off, a bunch of people have emailed me already about the report on 790 in Atlanta about a potential home-and-home with Michigan beginning next year. If it's true, no one around here seems to know anything about it. But I doubt there's much truth to it.

For one, Georgia already has 12 games scheduled for 2011, so they'd have to drop an opponent.

Secondly, a game at the Big House next season would leave the Dawgs with just five home games.

Thirdly, I spoke with Damon Evans last month and he said he didn't expect to have three games against non-conference BCS opponents again soon, and Georgia already has Colorado and Louisville (respectively) on the schedule for the next two seasons (along with the annual date against Tech).

Simply put, there doesn't seem to be a lot of logic to it. Now, does that mean there aren't talks in the works for a series further down the road? That may be, but I would be shocked if this happened for 2010 or 2011.

-- Talked to Darryl Gamble, who said Nick Williams has now moved back to safety officially. Gamble said Williams has taken the move well and will bring back the "hard-hitting safety days" at Georgia.

-- Quintin Banks says he had an MRI on his knee recently and that it showed good improvement. He said the knee is still sensitive and has some swelling after workouts, but he's at about 95 percent now and expects to be out of his green jersey when camp starts next month.

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Anonymous said...

"when camp starts next month. "

has a nice ring to it