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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Links (5/11)

As I noted in my post earlier today, I've been a bit thin on material the last few days. I'll be heading to Macon tomorrow, however, for the Bulldog Club meeting with Mark Richt and Mark Fox, so hopefully the latter half of this week will provide a bit more food for thought than we've had so far.

In the meantime, how about some links?

-- T Kyle King has been among the most vocal advocates to have Erk Russell elected into the college football hall of fame, and he offers some good insight into this year's oversight of Russell.

-- During my lack of recent posts, The Senator has gotten the first entries in the new football lexicon posted. It's an enjoyable read.

-- Jim from Duluth has his 2010 SEC TV projections posted and... well let's just say my deadlines aren't going to be any easier to make this season. Ugh.

-- When Mark Richt says there was no timetable on Logan Gray to decide his future, he wasn't kidding. Meanwhile, Chip Towers takes a look at the walk-on QBs who could be the third-string options in 2010.

-- Paul Finebaum thinks Mark Richt is headed for a fall this year. On one hand, it's hard to argue with his point about the Georgia-Florida series. On the other hand, I think I deal with a lot more Georgia fans than he does, and I would hardly say Richt has "fallen out of favor" with the vast majority of them.

-- I'm always on the fence about how important a role "leadership" plays in a team's success. I bought in last year, and I was wrong. This year, there does seem to be a lack of senior leaders at Georgia, but Bubba N Earl says that might not be a big problem.

-- If you're in Newnan this afternoon and want a Vince Dooley autograph, here's your chance.

-- Former Georgia player Charles Grant got mostly a slap on the wrist after accepting a plea bargain on an involuntary manslaughter charge this week. (h/t Jim F)

-- I'm not at all surprised that Mohammed Massaquoi is already taking a leadership role among Cleveland's young receivers.

-- Herschel Walker is talking up the football at the University of... Tennessee?

-- While the baseball team has suffered through a dismal season, the softball team is raking right now.

And back to baseball for one second: Here's an interesting tidbit from today's game notes -- Georgia currently has a team ERA of 8.80. That is not only the highest in the program's history, it's a full two runs higher than the previous worst of 6.80 in 1998. (Oh, and the ERA in SEC games is even worse -- 9.11.)

-- A former Georgia basketball player is helping set up a new school in Atlanta.

-- For anyone whose ears bled during last year's Georgia Tech game, here's an interesting article on how colleges go about pumping the noise into football stadiums. (h/t Matt)

-- One point I referenced tangentially in my expansion post earlier today was the idea that more football doesn't necessarily mean more money for the parties involved. That's a notion the Senator writes about with regard to a college football playoff, too.

-- On the other hand, Tony Barnhart thinks it's time that the ACC gets the ball rolling on expansion, too.

-- I enjoyed reading this way too much... It's a "where are they now" on the cast of "Salute Your Shorts."

-- And speaking of where are they nows... It's Susan from "Seinfeld."

-- And the last of Erin Andrews' credibility is officially dead.

-- A food reviewer takes a trip through Athens.

-- Slate takes a look at the recent trend of colleges teaching a course on "The Wire." (I might have actually shown up for that class if it had been offered when I was in school.)

-- Sounds like it will be good news for "Chuck" fans when NBC announces its fall schedule later this week... but I'm still not getting my hopes up.

-- And finally, does a point-by-point comparison of Jack from "24" and Jack from "Lost." No mention on whether the smoke monster was a more realistic character than Kim Bauer though.


Danny P said...

The picture of that plate from Weaver D's is going to get me on a plane this afternoon. Man, I miss Athens' food.

Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews has as much credibility as anyone in that role does. What does being in a dance video or even being on a show about it have to do with her ability to discuss sports? Sports doesn't seem to be your only interest - why was it supposed to be hers?

David Hale said...

Anon, it was meant as a joke because the video is so awful.

Anonymous said...

I think you misplaced a decimal point. The team baseball team's ERA is more like 88.0!

Kathleen said...

How accurate are those SEC TV projections, do you know how good he's been the past years?

That's handy to know for those of us who have to travel even to "home" games!

...If I can get my warm-and-fuzzy brain around something that complex, that is...

Anonymous said...

That lost link sucked. Did you know they were both played by actors between the ages of 40 and 60?

At least you're not still linking to that legend stuff garbage.